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Anyone play Starsiege: Tribes back in the day?

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  3. Anyone play Starsiege: Tribes back in the day?

User Info: RPGMatt

4 years ago#1
Once every few months I reinstall it, look at the desolate server list, and weep for my lost childhood. I spent hundreds of hours in mods such as Renegades, TVT, Football, Paintball, Spymod... So much good s*** came out of that game.

User Info: Yombiee

4 years ago#2
Remember as the spy in renegades mod you could plant your sachel charges inside the walls and have them be indestructible?

That game was amazing.
Back when UGO was a thing I was in a clan for that game.

User Info: RPGMatt

4 years ago#3
Ah yeah. Looks like Goon Haven is gone from Tribes 2 as well. Replaced with some other pub server. We need to save these games, man.

User Info: Interfusor

4 years ago#4
Yeah. Raindance power!
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User Info: JonWood007

4 years ago#5

You're welcome.
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User Info: RPGMatt

4 years ago#6
JonWood007 posted...

You're welcome.

Nah... It's not the same. Maybe if they release those modding tools, it could be something.

User Info: jake-sf

4 years ago#7
Tribes Ascend was really bad, although it really made me see a lot of potential. I had never heard of Tribes before Ascend so it was quite surprising... and its unfortunate, I guess. Maybe it was great back then. But Ascend, bah.

User Info: RPGMatt

4 years ago#8
Check this video from the heyday of Tribes 2:

Great, great stuff. Actually though, I sunk the most hours into the TVT mod for Tribes 1, which was a completely different game from base. It involved melee combat, chopping/mining resources, building whatever you wanted out of them, raiding the other team's base... And a #bash command that sent guys flying across the whole world if you leveled it up a lot. LOL.


4 years ago#9
All I did was miss with the disc gun and jetpack through lonely expanses of terrain.

Loved it.

User Info: AMDZFan

4 years ago#10
Yup. I miss that game. Ahhh... nostalgia...

I loved the base game, but there were some pretty incredible mods. I actually knew the guy who made the RPG mod (JeremyIrons? IIRC) before it became popular. It was pretty awesome seeing it slowly build up from a small map with tons of NPCs using base game assets to eventually a largish world.

Oh, and the first time I went to "the edge" I was really amazed. When I first heard about it, I thought it was some urban legend or something. Took awhile to get there the first time, but many mods' vehicles were ridiculously fast and made the journey take no time at all.
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