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Audiodg.exe issues, possibly with Payday 2?

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User Info: Valkassium

4 years ago#1
Okay, so I've never had this kind of issue before and I've had my current build for a bit over a year now.

I believe the issue could be linked to playing Payday 2, though I'm not entirely sure.

Anyway, so sometimes Audiodg.exe will randomly start to take ~25-35% of my CPU. If I'm playing Payday 2, it'll often cause the game to crash. Once back to my desktop, no audio input/output works. I can't listen to music, my mic won't pick up my voice.

I've searched online for similar issues and they all seem to say the only fix is to go to playback devices, and disable all enhancements. I've done this, but the problem still persists. It's fairly sporadic in when it occurs. The reason I link it to Payday is because I've never experienced the problem before and it's only occurring since playing Payday.

Currently the only way for me to fix the issue is to restart my PC. The problem is though, every time I try to restart, it stops shutting down because explorer.exe is trying to play the "shut down sound" but it fails to, due to audiodg.exe. I'm then forced to do a hard shut-down and then restart myself.

Anyone else experienced a similar issue, particularly related to Payday 2? Or does anyone know of any other possible solutions, other than the disabling enhancements?

(I'm running Vista by the way)

Thanks for any help!
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GT: Dave Valkass - Steam: Dvalkass
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