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Rate Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn open beta

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User Info: ThePCElitist

4 years ago#41
ph33r1es5 posted...
This is basically WoW : Final Fantasy edition. WoW was a good game but I got bored of this genre.

It's nothing like wow and doesn't even play like wow.
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User Info: GwynsSonSolaire

4 years ago#42
This is the best mmo ever made if you don't sub to it , just stop gaming
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User Info: Kosba_2142

4 years ago#43
All the people who put one, are braindead idiots who don't know how to rate things. A 1 is like, it literally crashes on startup every single time. A game you whose mechanics you don't enjoy should be around a 5. Only reason it should dip below is CRITICAL errors with the game. And a 10 is like, Game of the Year material. That said I have not played it so, just throwing my $0.02
CATS. That's about it honestly...

User Info: fuzzyman

4 years ago#44
I played a lot of FFXI so naturally I am excited for FFXIV

But I give it a 6

Which is a shame, because I'd have given the 2010 release a 5

Generally it just looks nicer but the game isn't the same as FFXI, there's more of a "combat multiple enemies" venue than the OG "kill this first" method.

I like tough fights and I haven't had many

It's just very messy and under directed. To showcase the new FATE they need some bigger HNMs in there, not just larger normal type mobs. Let's see the art direction at least showcase some neat effects from four story monsters alongside those beautiful areas

A lot of the stuff is locked down in beta, so it's really difficult to say what lv50 is even like. But they need some gear to get out of AF, they need some HNMs to create an endgame challenge, and they need to make the dungeons longer and more difficult.

Right now it's basically hunting logs, job quests, and the new mission finder thing, which was neat. But I've had a lot of errors as of late, for w/e reason, I know its beta and I have had instances where I could play 12 hours straight with little fatigue. I just don't know what I was doing besides the grind.

User Info: SS4Ricky

4 years ago#45
ThePCElitist posted...
SS4Ricky posted...

Can't get enough cat girl panties.

This guy knows whats going on! *thumbs up*
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User Info: Immortal_Moo

4 years ago#46
Just as good as anyother MMO imho.
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