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Any Game with a woman as a protagonist or playable?

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User Info: Psalm51

4 years ago#91
I am a big fan of the No One Lives Forever brace of games. They are quite old now but the second one in the series is an impressive piece of work. Both games are really funny and quite long. The Russian levels (early on) in NOLF 2 can be a real hassle to get through but other levels make up for that. I didn't have success trying the stealth style of game play in NOLF 2 but others might have made that work.
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User Info: UnyieldingBR

4 years ago#92
Randysteele1992 posted...
Cooking Mama
The only game where it makes sense to have a woman as a protagonist.

I was waiting for it! Thank you!

User Info: murphy230

4 years ago#93
I'm so surprised no one mentioned Diablo 3 being a pc board and all.... Or certain mario games.

User Info: Shunichiro

4 years ago#94
Not mentioned yet:
X-Blades and its sequel Blades of Time
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
Rumble Roses XX
X-Men Destiny
Final Fantasy XIII-2

I list games from my own collections and plenty of playable females on PS2:
7 Blades
Aeon Flux
Clock Tower 3
Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon
Forbidden Siren 1 & 2
Enter the Matrix
Haunting Grounds
Kya Dark Lineage
Maken Shao
Nightshade AKA Kunoichi
Obscure I & II
Project Zero 1-3 AKA Fatal Frame 1-3
Red Ninja
The Red Star
Rogue Ops
Rumble Roses
Tenchu: Fatal Shadows
Zombie Hunters AKA Onechanbara series (there's two for Xbox 360 too)

On other systems, for example:
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Jet Set Radio AKA Jet Grind Radio and its sequel
Darkened Skye
Dynamite Cop
Danger Girl
Keio Flying Squadron 1 & 2
Mischief Makers
Alisia Dragoon
Burning Force
Cutie Suzuki's Ringside Angel
Perfect Dark

...and so forth
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User Info: Diioiica

4 years ago#95
lionheart5656 posted...
I'm so disappointed by this topic.

Now I will have to go to Comedy Central to find some laughs.

Yeah because all the sandwich-making and kitchen jokes never get old, right?!


User Info: damionignis

4 years ago#96
The only thing I can think of that (I don't think) anyone else has said is Summoner 2. It's not half bad. I also saw Septerra Core mentioned and feel like it needs to be seconded.
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User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#97
Persona 3 PSP.

User Info: Phyxr

4 years ago#98
Tenchu Assassin series gives you a choice of male/female in most games.
Just about any fighting game

User Info: GigerSupreme

4 years ago#99

User Info: Kelystic

4 years ago#100
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