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need help troubleshooting computer issues

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User Info: mophisus

4 years ago#1
okay, put together my upgrade on friday, and have had nothing but issues since then.

new specs.
asus z87-a
intel i5-4670k
8gb of gskills ddr3 1866
coolermaster 212 hyper evo
samsung 120 gig ssd 830 series
msi gtx 670 PE
pc power and cooling 610 Watt

the motherboard, cpu, cpu cooler and ram are new.. the other parts were all used in my previous system (q6600@ 3.0 ghz, with a tuniq tower 120, 4 gb of ddr2 800 corsair xms2)

formatted the machine, starting from scratch because of the new parts

getting into windows was easy, no issues, but as soon as i installed drivers for the video card, i started having issues... i would get microfreezes in windows and the nvlddmkm driver has stopped responding would happen,, ive tried the latest stable drivers (320.49) as well as both beta drivers 326.19 and 326.41, as well as older stable drivers 314.22 nothing would work

tried a fresh format, thinking maybe the initial windows install had somehow screwed up, but nothing fixed it..

restarted the machine and ran memtest while i slept (both sticks in, need to do it again with 1 stick each), 4 passes later, no errors were found. booted into windows, and immediately started to have issues again.

ive noticed that if i watch the windows task manager performance bar, the stuttering happens at the same time that the cpu usage hits 100% (it spike there for a second or two, then goes back to 2-3% and the system works again)..

im nearly lost on what to try next (heading over to my brothers to try his gtx 670 and possibly power supply to narrow it down, but im leaning more and more towards a potentially bad motherboard/cpu) simply because everything else worked before i put it in this system, and memtest passed the ram.

temps are fine. 30C or so on idle, hit 59C after 15 minutes of prime 95 (need to run this longer as well)

any advice anyone can give me on where to go next, or where to go for more help would be awesome.
"The side effect of education should not be death by boredom and mediocrity"

User Info: mrCube

4 years ago#2
Bad mobos usually don't cause intermittent freezing like that. First off you can open task manager and try to see what process is spiking the CPU usage. You can also download Process Explorer which has a nicer interface gives you a bit more information. There's also a program called WhatIsHang that gathers info on hanging processes and can help narrow it down. I've never used it personally but one of my colleagues swears by it.

User Info: mophisus

4 years ago#3
alright, quick update..

managed to figure out that it was the system interrupt that was causing the microfreezing (cpu ussage would spike to 100% and the system would hang, when the cpu usage dropped, the hanging stopped)

also, put my brothers gtx 670 into my system, immediately had the same problems, so its very unlikely that its the video card (putting mine into his system now to make sure, then were testing power supplys)..
"The side effect of education should not be death by boredom and mediocrity"

User Info: mophisus

4 years ago#4
new update, just finished switching out power supplies.. issues continued,, looks like im going to need to rma the motherboard, unless anyone has any other suggestions.
"The side effect of education should not be death by boredom and mediocrity"
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