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can my laptop run Saints row 4?

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User Info: blingbling078

3 years ago#1
it ran SR3 ok not great

im a bit woried given u are jumping around atop bldgs the frame rate will be bad. i will def lower the resolution to 1600 b7 900 and take off some of the visual stuff

want to preorder to get the bonuses but worried about performance and want to hear users experiences

i have

i7 quad core 1.6ghz
8 gb ram
amd 5870M

its an asus g73 laptop its like 3.5 yrs old or so. plan to get a new sager once the next gen consoles out.. so i can be sure that laptop can play all next gen titles better than consoles.. want to get a haswell i7 4th gen

but for now should this laptop at least run it around the same as SR3?

User Info: me1122

3 years ago#2
Maybe, maybe not.

User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#3
I remember reading that it was intentionally really easy to run but I don't have a source or anything. I'd be surprised if it wasn't playable at least on low.

A lot of people also said it was originally just going to be an xpac for SR3 so it will probably run at least as well as 3 did.
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User Info: blingbling078

3 years ago#4
low lol i could run SR3 on high

User Info: blingbling078

3 years ago#5
bump.. not sure if people just trolling me when saying just runs on low.. hell i can run metro last light on my pc and it runs decent at med to high .. how can this run worse than that game. graphics not even close. also crysis 3 runs well

User Info: YoungAdultLink

3 years ago#6
Shouldn't be too much harder to run. TB had some issues when he was playing, but that's because Nvidia didn't get any pre-release code, AMD did. I'd expect to get pretty much the same performance as in SR3 with your amd card.
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User Info: blingbling078

3 years ago#7
gonna buy it..

dont feel buying a new laptop now would be smart. want to wait about 6 months after next gen to get next laptop..

with new console id def get more console games at first.. but then go back to laptop eventually
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