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So it turns out I'm wayyyyy behind on my GPU Drivers... Auto Update my ***.

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  3. So it turns out I'm wayyyyy behind on my GPU Drivers... Auto Update my ***.

User Info: ajko000

4 years ago#1
So long story short, I was told by a friend I need to update my drivers for a specific mod on Minecraft, god knows why I decided to start playing that mess again. Anyway, I look at my NVIDIA Control Panel for updates, and it says none are available. So I hit 'check' and still none.

Then my friend tells me to just go to their website. So I do. I was running 311.xx and the latest is 320.49.

So... apparently the updater was broken? I don't even....

Anyway, now I have this new thing called the GeForce Experience, and I was wondering if it was worth keeping? It sounds lucrative, but then again a lot of programs do until you realize they barely do anything or even harm your computer, I'm talking about those AVG "fix" ones, but that's another story.

I kind of just ran through the installation, thinking it was another normal driver install so I don't really know what this thing does other than what I can see on the UI. Is it integrated into the NVIDIA Control Panel now, or are they separate programs?

TLDR: Is the NVIDIA GeForce Experience worth having? Is the NVIDIA Control Panel integrated into it or is the GeForce Experience integrated into the Control Panel? Or, are they two separate things entirely?

EDIT: Oh, I forgot, the reason I asked was primarily because of my Processes OCD, and it pops up three new ones.

User Info: TheC0ndemnedOne

4 years ago#2
Nvidia GeForce Experience is a new thing that Nvidia has been pushing and it doesn't do the same things that the Nvidia Control Panel does. It's worth having around. It's not very intrusive at all. I don't follow its settings recommendations for games, though.

Also, just to confuse you even more, get Nvidia Inspector if you don't have it already. It's useful.

User Info: The_AntiGrim

4 years ago#3
GeForce experience actually works as advertised, assuming you have supported hardware.

And it actually does auto-update your drivers, unlike the control panel
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#4
GFE is more of a convenience program for console-style gamers who're checking out gaming PCs, and don't want to worry about things like "options" and "freedom", and just want to be able to click a button to have all their games run like console games.
It's worth keeping around, though, because it'll be integrated into Shadowplay, and is required for Shield streaming.
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  3. So it turns out I'm wayyyyy behind on my GPU Drivers... Auto Update my ***.

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