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MMO's used to be amazing but now it just seems like the illusion is broken.

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User Info: lkhlkh

4 years ago#51
matu90rk posted...
Hi C posted...
OldSorrow posted...
Blade and Soul

action mmo

PSO is not an MMO. It's an action RPG with online co-op like Diablo.

Also BnS is not really true action, more like target-based with combos.

most fighting games are target-based even musou orochi has a target build-in
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User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#52
MMOs were always for casuals, even MUDs were braindead and not for people with imaginations.

User Info: Maiken100

4 years ago#53
Ningishzida posted...
MMOs were always for casuals, even MUDs were braindead and not for people with imaginations.


User Info: josh_b

4 years ago#54
Star Wars galaxies still lives today. check out their emulated servers and Ultima online along with EverQuest 1 and 2 are still kicking today.

Im holding out till Everquest Next is released and hopefully will bring back some of the magic that mmo's had back in the early days.

The only very active game i can think of that plays like the games of old is Eve Online. A game that requires a brain to actually make it in game. Ive been playing off and on for the last 4 years and that game is amazing.
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User Info: theject

4 years ago#55
JKatarn posted...
TimePharaoh posted...
theject posted...
Also to note Guild Wars 2 was, in my opinion, the best take on the MMO genre since World of Warcraft combined all the good things (that existed at the time) and launched in one game. It's exceptionally good if you like the action based combat. I was pretty wrapped up in it until the end game, unfortunately that is where they hurt themselves. It was pretty awful in my opinion, however, the different classes were very well made, and fun, most importantly.

The "different classes" were essentially just reskins

Yeah, I don't think you've played more than 5 minutes (if anything) of Guild Wars 2, the classes are definitely distinct from one another with different skills for different weapons dependent on class, varied skill mechanisms (thief initiative, energy etc.).

Maybe he was watching a youtuber play a different game while looking for a snarky opinion to copy and paste, then had it confused with Guild Wars 2.
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4 years ago#56
I have to agree here. In the past 10 to 15 years, most genres have gotten more engaging over time, with better story telling, more impressive visuals in some genres improved gameplay. However, the MMO genre has remained incredibly stagnant, even to the point that the same game that was the biggest MMO almost 10 years ago is still the biggest MMO today, and new releases follow that blueprint very closely (even though the game has evolved over time, I will give them that).
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User Info: noimnoturdaddy

3 years ago#57
MMOs getting big was a fluke. Prior to WoW they were a niche genre, then WoW hit and it was a mainstream phenomenon. Now the time for MMOs is essentially over, but you still have companies making cheap MMOs to exploit people who are either late to the party or not wanting to admit to themselves that it's over.

Of course we'll still have companies releasing highly-polished MMOs over time but who really wants to play with hundreds of other people all the time anymore? That's like saying you like driving in traffic or long lines.
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User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#58
I remember when I first played Ragnarok Online a few years ago, it was more social, you got to know other people more. Now all I see is people just trying to level up and get more gear, to me thats just boring.
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User Info: SavageDonzilla

3 years ago#59
I'm hoping that Camelot Unchained gives me the same feel as DAoC did back in the day. I loved everything about DAoC pre-TOA, even doing pygmies for hours to get the last few levels to hit cap.

IMO the grind part of MMOs is what builds the community. You spend so much time leveling and conversing with people that it builds a community.

I'm just trying to catch a glimmer of that game/community from back in the day. And of all the MMOs I've tried, I haven't found it.

Although of the past decade, I'd say I've had the most fun with DC Universe Online.
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  3. MMO's used to be amazing but now it just seems like the illusion is broken.

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