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Why does every product aimed at gamers / for gaming have to glow?

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User Info: Altmadragon

3 years ago#31
Clouddx posted...
PhilOnDez posted...
I have yet to come across a blue LED that I didn't have to cover up. I have one of those ionic air filters in my bedroom and the power LED is blue. If I don't put a rag or something on it it literally illuminates my room. I also have a battery case for my phone with 4 blue LEDs to tell you how much juice is left in it, I was walking down the stairs in the dark and the LEDs were bright enough to light up the handrail through my pants.

Only ever had a problem with one red LED, I had a Wolfking Warrior keyboard thing, I liked it, played with it for a few hours, but once I was done I had a red spot burned in to my eye for what seemed like forever. I was able to put a few drops of Elmer's glue on it and that dimmed it down plenty though.

OMG, blue LED's are so annoying. I have the laser of death on my HAF 932 which I covered up nicely with some duct-tape. The only blue ones I can stand are the ones on my Deck 82, which are nicely done and adjustable in brightness.

Blue LEDs are annoying, nearly everyone I know has a blue led scheme in their rig or around it.....
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User Info: TheFeshPince

3 years ago#32

User Info: ThunderPotato

3 years ago#33
Talks posted...
I bought a controller like this a few years ago

with a blue LED instead of red. HOLY F*** was it bright. I literally threw it away recently. The brightness .... it was actually physically painful to play in the light, and in the dark it was unbearable... my monitor was partially obscured.

I did the same but only threw it away figuratively.

User Info: FantasticGabe

3 years ago#34
Talks posted...
I literally threw it away recently.

I'm glad you didn't metaphorically throw it away, that'd be insane.
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User Info: WeaponX1138

3 years ago#35
I like the pretty lights
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User Info: Devil_wings00

3 years ago#36
Every fan in my system is a green LED fan ;p I dunno I just like the way it looks. I bought all the nice parts and the thing has a big side window so I wanted some light to see my parts and admire my nice clean cable management ;p

I do wish I could turn the lights off sometimes though. It can be annoying when I want to leave my PC on to download something and it's lighting up my entire room while I'm trying to sleep ;p
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User Info: daemon_dan

3 years ago#37
I like the aesthetics of the red glow my keyboard, mouse, and tower have. I don't post pictures everywhere. Sure, these objects ARE a prominent part of my room, but not many people come in here. I just like it. You don't. Don't insult me by assuming my taste in aesthetics is bad or hideous.
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User Info: claytonbuckley

3 years ago#38
The pretty lights are a distraction from the bad build quality. and stupid people fall for the distraction and pay the inflated price.

My mum recently bought a toaster because when you put the bread in it glows blue. we'll ignore the part where it cost almost double the price of other toasters, didn't have any sort of warranty, was a brand no one has ever heard of ever and it broke within a month. IT GLOWS BLUE!
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