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Video game name generator.

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User Info: Private_Noob

4 years ago#261
MOAR Names...

Sexy Chicken 3D.
High-Speed Underwear Rally.
Barbie's Chainsaw Symphony.
Hitler's Hillbilly from Outer Space
Bionic Ping Pong Quiz.
Bewildering Office Ahnihilation.
Death-Defying Landmine Attack.
Save Yourself From the Motocross Armada.
Omega Vigilante in Crazy Lang.
******* Underwear Rush.
Crazy Flatuence Dudes.
Save Yourself From The Frisbee - The Movie.
Indiana Jones & the Bongo Smackdown.
Extreme Viking Conspiracy.
Kinect Mind-Control Armegeddon.
Tiger Woods Sumo Enforfer.
Charlie Brown's Drug-Dealing Princess.

LOL Literally!
Oh no! Private_Noob posted!
I'm the noobiest noob you'll ever see!

User Info: overkillwfo1978

4 years ago#262
Intellectual Squirrel Boy
Boring Buddhist Armageddon
Ultimate Frog in the Sky
Preschool Valkyrie Gang
Remote Dentist GT
Tiger Woods' WWII Starring Mickey Mouse
War of the Duck Challenge
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User Info: Alavard

4 years ago#263
Darkest Railroad from Planet X
Narcoleptic Horse Racing Nation
We Love Fighter Soldier
Twisted Frisbee Carnage
Real Pirate of the Third Reich
Tom Clancy's Vampire Zombies

User Info: WimpyWeaksauce

4 years ago#264
Explosive Grizzly Bear in My Pocket

Sounds like a new pokemon.

African Writing Trainer

Kind of racist . . .

Jackie Chan's Katana Pinball


Grimy Hardware Exhibition

Sounds like your average thread on /g/

User Info: kevvie2007

4 years ago#265
Naughty Dance vs Capcom. - No comment

Scooby Doo and the booty battalion.- Seems legit

Mega Pony Gaiden - Rainbow dash quick pull out your sword!

Infinite Bandicoot 2nd Impact - Epicness awaits us

Irresistable Whale pimps - It's what all of us waited for.

Epic Chocobo Tournament - ..........

Supreme Pokemon Battle- It's that game that was just announced ._.
Juicin' it up!

User Info: dot921

4 years ago#266
Beautiful Yak Gladiator.

User Info: kirbyfan23

4 years ago#267
Kinky Nazi from Outer Space

...Probably better than EA games.

User Info: mycousinvinnie

4 years ago#268
No one can stop the trampoline shack
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User Info: stmstr

4 years ago#269
God damn lol

I've been sitting on this link for a long time. Go figure you guys would like it enough for three hundred some posts (counting the other threads) in a day

User Info: Danzetsu

4 years ago#270
inappropriate tetris nation
Gothic Afro DS
Sid Meier's Ping Pong from Hell
Tom Clancy's Ninja Plus
Erotic Valkyrie Exhibition
Heavy Metal Trampoline - The Revenge
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