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Video game name generator.

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User Info: Xxerran

4 years ago#41
Feverish Deer Hunter Gaiden (I want this to happen)
Spooky Unicycle Spectacular (I would play it)
Magic City Rescue (I think this is a real game already)
Wild Crowbar on Wheels (I would play it)
Star Trek Guitar on the Oregon Trail (I want this to happen)
Irish Hockey Online (Sounds fantastic)
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User Info: matu90rk

4 years ago#42
Son Of Spam posted...
Transvestite Plumber in the Middle East

Sounds like a FOX sitcom.

User Info: SlashmanSG

4 years ago#43
Unbelievable Nudist Joe
Naughty Fencing Explorer
Fight Science with Wood

User Info: dry1ce

4 years ago#44
Day of the Gnome Armageddon

Oh ****!

edit: Enormous Lizard Gone Wild

Sounds kinky.

User Info: Cinerary

4 years ago#45
Eco-Friendly Donkey Dance Mix

PSN: SouthPhillySanta
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User Info: Son Of Spam

Son Of Spam
4 years ago#46
matu90rk posted...
Son Of Spam posted...
Transvestite Plumber in the Middle East

Sounds like a FOX sitcom.

It would probably be a surprisingly funny and intelligent sitcom that would develop a cult following once it is cancelled after 6 episodes.

User Info: LMTTN

4 years ago#47
Corporate Paintball Vengeance
Perverted Drug-Dealing Carnage
My First Shotgun Jihad
Grand Sex Armada
Indian Flatulence Deluxe
Celebrity Polka Roundup
Sleazy Nudist Deathmatch
Wild Bible Warrior

Who wouldn't want to play these?
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User Info: ArrowFlux

4 years ago#48
Re****ed Surgery School
Forgotten Sewer Strikes Back
Interactive Mind Control in Africa
Final Hippo Combat

I'm dying.
" 'Master Flynn, I detect you haven't bathed in the last week. I'll register that as a new quest on the list.' Quest: Take a bath!" -Horith

User Info: matu90rk

4 years ago#49
ArrowFlux posted...
Interactive Mind Control in Africa


User Info: endless7

4 years ago#50
Italian Scooter Overlords
Inbred Prison Chronicles
Stylish Batman Advance
Return of STD Universe
Elderly Spatula Strikes Back
Sid Meier's Vampire Dreamland
Rockin' Transvestite of Magic (Frank N. Furter?)
Irresistible Horse Racing in Crazyland
Adventures of the Sandwich III
German Hoedown - The Lost Levels
Sonic's Underwear Reloaded
Obsessive-Compulsive Lacrosse Through Time
Big Bird's Moped of Doom

OK, OK, I have to stop *clicks more for the next hour*

EDIT: One more...
Surprise Weight Loss from Planet X
"It is better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you are not."--Andre Gide
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