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can my aging laptop run Saints row 4?

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User Info: blingbling078

4 years ago#1
mind u this laptop can run crysis 3, bioshock infinite, tomb raider, and metro last light decent enough

and sr 3 as well. though i put down the resolution and most of the things to medium. turn off post processing and aa though

i have a i7 quad core 1.6ghz
ad 5870m
8 gb ram
win 7 64 bit

dont want to get 360 version as 1) ill buy a new laptio 6 months after the next gen consoles out
2) i hear 360 version is terribad

if i can run SR3 this should be decent? i know u run fast and stuff and fly which may cause slowdowns but id be willing to drop the resolution even more than in SR3

User Info: Captain_Drek

4 years ago#2
Should run decently.
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  3. can my aging laptop run Saints row 4?

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