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Question about Motherboards

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User Info: Pizza711

4 years ago#1
Hello everyone!
I am looking to upgrade my motherboard and add Ram as well as change my processor.I recently bought this processor :

It wasn't until after I bought it I found out my Motherboard wasn't FM2 Socket, it was FM1. So now I am in the process of finding a good motherboard that is FM2 Socket.

I was looking at a couple on Newegg and was looking for advice. I am confused by what it means when it says Micro ATX and stuff like that. (Still learning more and more about PC )
here's a couple Motherboards I was looking at :

I have a medium sized case with a bit of room left ( my GTX 760 and Power Supply take up most of the room )
This is the pc I have (it was an xmas gift a couple years ago and I've been upgrading it since :

*Edit* Fixed the links. Sorry about that
(message deleted)

User Info: fuzzyman

4 years ago#3
is FM2+ backwards compatible with FM2?

User Info: fuzzyman

4 years ago#4

anyway, look around for fm2+ if you have time wait for it, right around the corner

has PCI-e 3.0
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