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I need to convert an internal web page into PDF.

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User Info: TheNeckbeard

4 years ago#1
I need to convert a knowledgebase web page into a PDF but it's in internal webpage to the company. So all these programs that tell you to enter a URL to convert. These don't work. They can't access the site.

I also can't install anything on this PC as I don't have admin rights, other than addon extensions for web browser or an program that doesn't need to be installed to run.
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User Info: Xjph

4 years ago#2
Without being able to install something there are literally no options. If this is something you've been asked to do for your job then tell whoever asked that you don't have the tools or access necessary to do it.
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User Info: randy_123r

4 years ago#3
How is that even possible
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User Info: Snickleseed

4 years ago#4
Use Chrome and Print to PDF
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User Info: ArsenicOverlord

4 years ago#5
Can you use Google Chrome? Or can you access the knowledge base with a Mac? Both have built-in print-to-PDF function, iirc.
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User Info: a_Wizards_Baker

4 years ago#6
Snickleseed posted...
Use Chrome and Print to PDF

Second that.
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User Info: Darkcloud20

4 years ago#7
Use PDF creator it creates a virtual printer from which you can "print" everything as pdf as long as the programm supports printing
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