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Is $600 ok price to ask for this?

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User Info: nehukog

4 years ago#1
Wanting to sell my PC, and told a friend who said she had a friend looking for a new PC I would sell mine for $600 These are the specs:

Core 2 quad processor 2.83ghz
1TB Seagate HDD 7200RPM
Gigabyte motherboard
Radeon 4870 1GB dedicated graphics video card
Antec 900 case
Corsair 650W Power Supply
24" Samsung LCD Monitor
Logitech X-240 Speakers with sub
Saitek Cyborg keyboard with backlit keys (different color backlighting as well)
Razer Lacheiss mouse
HP D110 Wireless all in one printer
Linksys N750 router (purchased a few months ago)
Windows 7 Ultimate (also can put on windows 8 or just give the upgrade card)
Office 2007
USB SD card reader
Cleaning supplies (screen cleaner, canned air)
Extra PC parts (cables, DVD-R's, etc)
some games (Command and Conquer the first Decade, and Star Wars Empire at War gold edition)
all manuals and driver CD's
and a chair

User Info: ToastyOne

4 years ago#2
Hmmm, what kind of chair?

User Info: Jprime666

4 years ago#3
I wouldn't pay 600 for it. It's outdated and needs an expensive overhaul to keep up.
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User Info: nehukog

4 years ago#4
haha, just a wooden chair I've been using

User Info: Ch3wy

4 years ago#5
nehukog posted...
haha, just a wooden chair I've been using

What kind of wood? Are we talking oak here? Cherry?
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User Info: spookyxelectric

4 years ago#6
Well, you could buy much better for slightly more.

I mean, if she'd give you $600 for it, all the more power to you, but I certainly wouldn't pay that.

User Info: nehukog

4 years ago#7
what would be a fair price to ask for that?
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User Info: Altmadragon

4 years ago#9
The tower+printer minus the monitor is about 250$

Rest of the stuff should be just givin with the tower or a extra 40$ on the price
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User Info: nehukog

4 years ago#10
ok cool, thanks!
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