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Is $600 ok price to ask for this?

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User Info: nehukog

4 years ago#11
by the way the chair is oak haha

User Info: snkboi

4 years ago#12
Core 2 quad processor 2.83ghz - $50
1TB Seagate HDD 7200RPM - $30
8GB RAM - $20
Gigabyte motherboard - $40
Radeon 4870 1GB dedicated graphics video card - $50
Antec 900 case - $30
Corsair 650W Power Supply - $30
24" Samsung LCD Monitor - $50
Logitech X-240 Speakers with sub - $50
Saitek Cyborg keyboard with backlit keys (different color backlighting as well) - $20
Razer Lacheiss mouse - $20
HP D110 Wireless all in one printer - $50
Linksys N750 router (purchased a few months ago) - $50
USB SD card reader - $5
TOTAL $495

everything separate is worth $495, but since it's your friend you should sell the rig for $300 everything included
i think it's nice

User Info: chris121691

4 years ago#13
Could put it on CL for 600 :P
But for a friend, maybe half that tbh lol.

User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#14
nehukog posted...
by the way the chair is oak haha

I'll give you $450 right now.
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User Info: Ch3wy

4 years ago#15
nehukog posted...
by the way the chair is oak haha

Oak is nice.

That chair should tack on at the very least another $50+ value, if it's a nice chair it could add over a hundo no problem.
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User Info: Kingmichael1337

4 years ago#16
sounds like a total rip-off

not only would it cost her less to build a new one, but considering it's used, it should be sold at a discount on top of that

you could seriously build something way better for $600, with an FX-6300 and a GPU that isn't multiple generations old
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  3. Is $600 ok price to ask for this?

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