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Anyone know a good brand of mic?

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  3. Anyone know a good brand of mic?

User Info: Sneakers

4 years ago#11
jaredt13 posted...
I doubt you'll find anything worthwhile under $50CDN.

Here's the cheapest Mic I was considering buying:

That looks like a nice MIC and $70....well dont want to pay so much but if it is good then I have no problem with the cost, plus can get the free shipping with it.

Reason I didnt want to pay alot at first, cause I was afraid of getting a crud mic and paying alot for it. looks like a nice design.

Thanks for all's help...I put it on my wishlist on for future purchase next month.
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User Info: daemon_dan

4 years ago#12
70 is nowhere near as much as I will be spending for mine xD

and then even more for an XLA to USB adapter.

Plus even more for audiophile headphones.

Plus more for a soundcard with a headphone amp.

I plan to record plenty of vocals and such with it all though.
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User Info: Dollarman_2005

4 years ago#13
Samson go Mic has done me wonders for its price and purpose. Pop filter dat bijj and you got a solid Mic. YouTube some tests, but it likely wont hold up to the Ideal
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  3. Anyone know a good brand of mic?

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