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using android phone as xbox media center remote.

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User Info: Mushroom87

4 years ago#1
for the life of me i cant get this to work, ive forwarded ports, ive downloaded the official app. ive tried the webserver.

the farthest i got was using the webserver and then trying to log onto it from my phone, when i did it asked for my user and password, i thought this a success but after i put in my credentials it just sat at a perpetual load screen, then when i tried to log in again i get a url not found error.

anybody here have any experience with using an android to remote control your xbmc?

User Info: Mushroom87

4 years ago#2
no? well shucks.

User Info: Cush1978

4 years ago#3
It work fine for me, but my build of XBMC is older. I don't have the latest revision. I just followed the instructions and everything worked.
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User Info: UberLurker

4 years ago#4
An alternative to using the XBMC remote app would be to use Unified Remote:

It allows you to use your phone as a remote control for many different programs, XBMC included (IIRC). Also, if all else fails you can use it to emulate mouse input with the phone's touchscreen... that would definitely work with XBMC, albeit in a slightly less intuitive way than the native remote.

FWIW the XBMC remote Android app works fine for me as well. There a few guides out on the net on setting everything up, can't remember which one I followed but it was a fairly straightforward process.

BTW, why are you using the web service? If you're using a remote it makes me think this is all on your home network, in which case I would just use the standalone app and point it towards your media library. Then again you mention port forwarding which makes me think you're trying to access this all remotely... I'm a bit confused (which isn't too hard to do to me this early in the morning).

User Info: deadlyforceman

4 years ago#5
It works perfect for me, are you using a static IP?
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User Info: Jordon_p

4 years ago#6
Try Yatse, it's an unofficial xbmc remote, it works very well. I like it more than the official one.

User Info: Darkcloud20

4 years ago#7
Do you use the internal ip? If not then your router might block the loopback
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