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Any GameStop employees here?

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4 years ago#11
CardigansFan posted...
I should clarify that I want to keep all the CE stuff but exchange the game for the PC version, since there was no PC version of the CE.

Then they'll probably have you return the full thing and re-buy the PC version. Unless the extras were bundled outside of the game itself (ex. Gamestop-exclusive preorder bonus, like the one they had where they'd give you a bag for Mirror's Edge - you could have bought the game with the bag, and returned it without the bag at another store with no questions asked).

What would you even want out of the CE? The extras look like crap lol

I have a thing for statues and replicas, so the wub wub gun and the Johnny Gat statue were aweosme to me./ The glass case you get with it is cool too, as is the wub wub button. >_>

Monkeymage posted...
If the UPC isn't different, then if you say you got it as a gift and you want to exchange it, there shouldn't be a problem. If they won't take it, then go to Target or Walmart, they will definitely do it, no questions asked.

I'll give this a try. :)
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