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Was I infected from my friend's e-mail?

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User Info: AzureVergil

4 years ago#1
I was checking my Outlook inbox and saw a friend of mine send me a mail, I checked in it and its asked to click in the link to join his event.

Clicked the link and its just send me to a site about Heath. So I just ignored it until that same friend called me saying his Outlook account was hacked and sent e-mails that he didn't.

Was I likely been infected? I ran Spybot, Malwarebyte, Ad-Aware and AVG 2013. Is that enough?

I got another e-mail with the same title from him, so this time I immediately sent it to the Deleted box.

User Info: fatali

4 years ago#2
The message could just have been spam, not intended to infect you. Is what usually happens when they hack the accounts, they use them to send spam.

But I would make a backup of the important files just in case.
Mystery is the source of all true science.

User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#3
You may never know if you got infected, even if you search all day everyday for the rest of your life. Scary.
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  3. Was I infected from my friend's e-mail?

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