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List Of Bad Console To PC Ports

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User Info: eragonman9

3 years ago#31
CoolFangs posted...
The first Borderlands had a fairly bad port.

I just thought it was a fairly bad game in general.
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User Info: Robtcee13

3 years ago#32
polopili posted...
Robtcee13 posted...
polopili posted...
RAGE. The entire interface was made for controlers.
LA Noire. My old E8400 couldn't run it over 5 FPS.

Didn't Rage also have that issue where it would only ever auto-detect settings and there were mass widespread issues of the auto-detecting automatically putting everything on the lowest for people with gaming rigs?

Must have been fixed, graphics are actually pretty good. Looks like borderlands 2, but better. Too bad the gameplay and story are kinda meh. I'm starting to get annoyed when modern FPS games don't have FOV sliders.

Also Crysis 2. Was it really that hard to let us press Q or E to lean from side to sides? that sticky cover system is so annoying.

I guess. I remember hearing the graphics were auto-detect only from multiple sources, and that it didn't work right. Either the game now has an actual options menu, or people found a way around it.

I'd have to shoot a vote toward Skyrim, honestly. I had to mod the UI beyond recognition so that it actually works, and even then, there's such intense mouse acceleration in the menus that I can barely click things. Not to mention, the game's frame rate is kind of tragic for me, in relation to how it looks. I had to get the HD textures, which didn't even dent the frame rate. It's like, solidly 40 FPS.
I don't even know what's going on in Skyrim.
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User Info: ZeroRaider

3 years ago#33
SpaceDesperado posted...
Let's hear your personal stories of almost unplayable pc ports. Most came from this gen and since retail console games aren't permanently available like pc games, I would like to know which games are must avoids for pc so i don't get screwed at a later date when i decide to go deep into my backlog and can only obtain the pc version at a reasonable price or with ease.

If some of these games got fixed with un/official patches like Resident Evil 4, please mention it if you can.

Let's get some of the obvious ones out of the way:
Saints Row 2
Mercenaries 2
Resident Evil 4
Splinter-Cell: Double Agent
Dark Souls.

...what the is wrong with you? I am getting so sick of this over-exaggeration on the part of PC gamers.

Every. Single. One. of these games is vastly superior on the PC in comparison to their console counterparts. They may be lacking a variety of things that we PC gamers take for granted, but you seem to be implying that the 720p, sub-30 FPS, no anti-aliasing, no mods, etc. console editions are somehow better than the PC version just because the PC version wasn't perfect and loaded with PC-exclusive features like Square Enix's latest releases.

To imply that the console version is somehow better is a flat out lie, and you and I both know it. Do you really want to be encouraging people to pick up the console editions of these games and hurt your platform with this nonsense? The PC may get a version that doesn't live up to our high standards but you have clearly never had to suffer through the console version if you think the PC version is actually worse. A console original version is the ultimate "bad port."

It is an extreme case indeed for the console version to be better. The only one I can think of is the first Sonic & SEGA Racing game. Although it obviously had better graphics, it was missing the most critical aspect of the game on the PC: online multiplayer (!) That was truly a WTF thing. Stripping out such an important component of the game actually managed to achieve the impossible: produce a game that is worse on PC than on a console.

Fortunately SEGA has atoned for their sins with its sequel in which they are clearly favoring the PC. Exclusive free DLC for PC, cheaper, etc. And obviously online play has been brought in.

User Info: eragonman9

3 years ago#34
I'm not sure if it counts, but Mirror's Edge on PC has absolutely terrible tearing that I didn't notice on PS3.
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User Info: Asellus

3 years ago#35
I'm not sure if it counts, but Mirror's Edge on PC has absolutely terrible tearing that I didn't notice on PS3.

Try turning off v-sync in game and forcing it on for it in your video card's control panel.

User Info: Snight01

3 years ago#36
Crysis 2 was a perfect port and really optimized.

Crysis 3 on the other hand
Worst Optimized PC Games
Diablo 3 (SSD Needed), Metro 2033. Crysis 3, Slender The Arrival, GTA4

User Info: Reaper_Minion

3 years ago#37
Borderlands 2's inventory was worse than the first game's.

User Info: SpaceDesperado

3 years ago#38
zeroraider it is sad how uninformed, hypocritical, and angry you get. None of those games are superior, they are all butchered in various ways like decrease in resolution, lower quality textures, and framerate problems compared to their console counterparts.

you are now part of my ever expanding ignore list so i won't see your sad excuse for a reply but just know that i feel sorry for you and how you spend time with your life.

User Info: Panzer_Squid

3 years ago#39
Snight01 posted...
Crysis 2 was a perfect port and really optimized.

Crysis 3 on the other hand

Crysis 2 wasn't a port. Neither was Crysis 3. Cryengine 3 (and 2) are capable of publishing for multiple platforms (360, PS3, PC) by design and as such all of them were developed directly for each platform. A port is when a game made for one platform is adapted for another platform.
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User Info: Javelin

3 years ago#40
SpaceDesperado posted...
decrease in resolution compared to their console counterparts

Now I know you're just trolling.
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