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Quiet laptop for college

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User Info: Truthtela

4 years ago#1
I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for a quiet laptop for college. I have a (moderately dated now but still good) laptop already, and I'm not planning on ditching it, however I guess you could say it likes to sing me the song of it's people and is incredibly loud for a laptop. I'm looking for something that wont be overly loud for Note taking and working in the student center. (Where I will be spending a fair amount of time) I'm also not looking for it to be overly expensive. I'm not planning on spending $1000 on another laptop when I can work on more demanding tasks with my other computer.

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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#2
Quiet as a church mouse. | |

User Info: Kaushad

4 years ago#3
Lenovo G580 with ivy bridge i5, install a linux distro of your choice, and win.
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User Info: Dragnfyr

4 years ago#4
MacBook Air 2013 13". Get the student discount + promo $100 iTunes gift card.
Also the Lenovo G series are their lowest end laptops so i would not recommend them. If you want Lenovo get a ThinkPad.
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User Info: juscallmeehx

4 years ago#5
Basically any ultra book with an SSD.

The two things that make noises in a laptop are the fan (like for the cpu) and the hard drive.

Having an SSD eliminates the hard drive noise.
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