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Does anyone else find they can never finish a story based game on pc?

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  3. Does anyone else find they can never finish a story based game on pc?

User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#11
I thought TC was talking about games like To The Moon but I guess he's just talking about regular games which have campaigns?
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User Info: Majoras_pants

3 years ago#12
Maybe there are too many great games on steam to stick to one long enough to finish it? I can't see having that problem on consoles.

User Info: Smakkyoface

3 years ago#13
I'm like this as well. Console based campaigns, to me, is like watching a really epic movie and I get really into the story. When I play on a couch with a controller I can get into it more.

Direct examples for me is Battlefield 3 and Bioshock infinite. I got battlefield 3 on 360 when it came out and was able to finish the story. I got the game with the humble bundle, excited to replay story mode with super graphics. But I'm unable to finish it. The opposite happened with Bioshock Infinite. I got it on steam first and got bored of the story, then I was at a friends house and started playing it on his xbox and finished the game in one sitting.

Other games would not be direct examples because I didn't own them for both console and pc.. but I have Metro Last Light, Tomb Raider, and Devil May Cry (edit: Alan Wake) on steam that I'm desperately trying to finish but just get bored with. Maybe if I move my gaming pc to the living room and play on the couch?

However, I have no problem playing Tera, GW2, The Sims 3, Battlefield 3 multi, Payday 2 and other pc games for hours on end...
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#14
From: Smakkyoface | #013
Maybe if I move my gaming pc to the living room and play on the couch?

I guess if your computer is not in a comfortable place, you're not going to be able to enjoy the games... But don't blame it on the computer in that case... If you need to be relaxed on the couch with a controller in front of the TV to enjoy a game, make it happen...

User Info: Guitar_Hero_Guy

3 years ago#15
Well, I hold a higher standard to games, but that's in general than when I did when I played consoles, so that could be part of your problem. I do admit it's easy to get distracted with alt-tabbing, and I ENJOY games that have amazing gameplay and won't play games if the story is too intrusive or boring any more. But I don't think I'd have an increase in time with Consoles, the frame lock, the lower resolution and the load times would be way too big of a turn off.

Sorry, with this said, I LOVE storylines that are good, it's just that if a game isn't too gripping, I'll usually drop it due to having such a high backlog. So maybe that's your issue as well. That or comfort perhaps.
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User Info: Bossdog421

3 years ago#16
thefabregas22 posted...
Especially if it's on a console?

I've been playing pc for pretty much all my life and I can play games like the sims, dungeon keeper, roller coaster tycoon and the movies for an infinite amount of hours.

But with any game with a single player story mode with a set ending I can never finish it on pc.

I can normally easily finish story based games on console but never on pc.

Anyone else the same?

Probably a waste of money to have bought about 40 games for steam (though they were nearly all games on sale haha)

I can't force myself to beat most games these days. I've started damn near every newer release and can't even think of the last one i beat. Not even 100%, just completed. Last 100% was GTA SA.

Just seems so little effort is put into games now, i get too bored and move on. I don't even care how they end anymore.

Nothing to do with PC gaming though, consoles games are the same too.

I have a lot less time for gaming now, that's probably why.
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User Info: o0stoneduk0o

3 years ago#17
My pc basically is just a super powerful console to me. I have it in my bedroom at the bottom of my bed, my tv as the monitor and my bed as the desk. I can put a controller in if I want. No idea why I would be unable to finish a game on pc, if anything its the other way around.
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User Info: Boge

3 years ago#18
I tend to really struggle with those kinds of games in general. I love a game with a great story. I think most of the time they drag on for far too long though. I don't want a 60 hour story game. It's usually filled with hours of tedius boring pointless combat, so I have to drag myself through that in order to see more story. The ones I can actually do have little gameplay and a lot of story, like The Walking Dead.
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User Info: kyler45

3 years ago#19
I believe it's because with all the sales on games we lose the sense of worth in the game, where as on Console you're paying 55$+ for a game, so you feel it more worthwhile to finish.
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User Info: codyorr

3 years ago#20
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  3. Does anyone else find they can never finish a story based game on pc?

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