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Where can i go to learn about motherboards?

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User Info: angermngment101

4 years ago#11
OmegaDL50 posted...
Also just because you salvage a motherboard from a junk doesn't necessarily mean it will work. I'm guess you are using junk parts instead of new parts so you can get a basics of the internals of a PC tower. This should be fine, however it might be better to use a website like PCPartpicker that will let you select a built with no incompatibilities in terms of part selection.

My main goal is to have something functional. That would be a certain starting point for me.

I probably wouldnt want to invest too heavily into a motherboard or CPU from the junk yard.

I ordered a video card (Radeon HD 6750), and I have a CX430 PSU, so I was hoping to get something functional that I could put those in temporarily until I decide to upgrade the rest.

From the junk yard, i will probably look into getting HDDs, DVD drives, RAM, and idk what else. Then maybe get the best CPU/motherboard I can find there, and hope the MB can accept the Video card, ram, and HDD that I get.
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