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Is the Witcher 1 worth playing?

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User Info: Javelin

4 years ago#21
PathlessBullet posted...
the combat is so atrocious I can't even get involved with the plot elements.

This. Everyone is better off just reading the damn novels.
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User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#22
GreenMage7 posted...
They had some great ideas but they really don't come to fruition while you're playing.

they didn't have any original ideas, they basically used the great choice-and-consequence cRPGs of the past as models (Arcanum, Fallout) and released a cinematized dumbed down hack of the concept and unsuccessfully tried to pass it off as ground-breakingly unique.

i agree their execution was awful, that's because being newbs to the gaming industry they have a limited understanding of the fundamentals. they made the same mistakes as RPG devs did 10-15 years ago, they learn nothing from history

everyone know when you set out to do something you first look at how others tried it and make sure you don't **** up the same way. but in their arrogance CDPR don't do this, it showed again in TW2 which make mistakes you would expect to see in a design doc from a 1st year student with no insights.

User Info: XNo_FearX

4 years ago#23
I skipped witcher 1 and im just starting 2 and Its very good imo
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User Info: jessevale

4 years ago#24
You don't need to. I didn't, though I may want to.

I am really excited for 3, and I didn't even like the second one super much. I did love it I suppose. Geralt's monologue in the trailer for 3 has me excited. I just want to be this man wandering through the war torn wilderness doing good for the people.

CD Projekt Red is a good studio, one being that they're indie, and just generally care about games. You don't get that a lot. I don't think there's anything particularly groundbreaking yet, but the storytelling in other recent games has sort of fallen apart. Witcher has potential there.
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User Info: ZeroRaider

4 years ago#25
Kingmichael1337 posted...
the combat is really really bad

i played it for like 5 minutes and i couldn't put up with it. a game's combat doesn't have to be super exciting to entertain me--i play a lot of MMOs--but the witcher 1 is worse than that

Just use a trainer.

Sheesh, are you lot PC gamers or not? This is why we play PC games. Because the PC platform allows us to fix whatever flaws might hold back an otherwise great game.

The combat in Witcher 1 annoyed me after a while too so you know what I did? Instead of throwing up my hands and missing out on a great story I just enabled a "one hit kills" trainer and stomped over everything in one hit. No more annoying, repetitive combat.
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