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The countdown finished.

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User Info: badattitude3d

4 years ago#1
Prepare your tissues

User Info: Ch3wy

4 years ago#2
Yeah I noticed that yesterday.

Wasn't Valve supposed to be at Gamescom today? Did they talk about anything at all?
Every time you point out that something is an opinion Jesus shoots a kitten in the face.

User Info: StarskiR

4 years ago#3

Matt Smith @mds5150 23 Jul
@l4ddev any truth behind this?

L4D Developer ‏@l4ddev 23 Jul
@mds5150 There is zero truth to that site. It is a fake site.
"That ribbon suits you." - Locke Cole ~ Final Fantasy VI

User Info: TropicMoon10

4 years ago#4

lol the dislikes
-TropicMoon - as humid as a summer's day on triton
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