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General gripes about video games in general or a specific game/series.

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User Info: Boge

4 years ago#1
1. The lack of attention to cooperative play (cooperative is humans teaming up against AI, not team deathmatch). There are so many games that would be so fun if I could play them with my friends against AI. Yes, we suck against humans so the experience is NOT fun at many games that we can't enjoy because some people won't do cooperative. Also, why the heck can't I take control of my friends companion in Skyrim or Mass Effect and play the game with him? Ever seen Secret of Mana? My friend and I loved playing that together.

2. Too many shooters! Goodness me, how many of these do we need? I want variety. Where is my next Jagged Alliance game, or those good tactical shooters (with more indoor combat)? Where are the overhead games like Alien Swarm with a slower tactical feel? How about an RPG with that viewpoint and control? Oh yeah, they're busy making another shooter...a penny a dozen.

3. Not PC related, but what the eff is up with the Playstation controller always having the analog stick below the digital pad? Isn't the above slot where the primary control should be? I don't like pressing left to go up. Will they ever fix it?

4. D-souls coop connection. Anyone played Monster Hunter? I loved how you could connect with your friends and just play together for the whole session, collecting your own stuff and completing your own quests. Why doesn't the D-Souls series do this!? What's with the stupid souls thing and summoning your friends only to have them kicked out when you die or defeat a boss? Who's bone head idea was that?

5. Intentionally crappy resolution. What's with this trend lately of going with "retro" style graphics? There is a reason they look like that, because they didn't have the capability to look better!! The style is one thing, but purposely making it look like a 320x200 game? Come on!!

Just a couple of rants of mine. I'm sure there will be more. Feel free to share yours!

EDIT: Just noticed my topic General gripes about video games in general...oops. I wish I could edit the topic.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#2
I'm picking up what you're putting down. | |
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  3. General gripes about video games in general or a specific game/series.

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