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How is console vs PC even an argument anymore?

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  3. How is console vs PC even an argument anymore?

User Info: xfri123

4 years ago#131
This argument is invalid if you got PS3,PC,WII,PSP just like me.
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User Info: MortimerBrewstr

4 years ago#132
I just like consoles is all. I don't really see consoles as locked down PC's. A lot of people have desk top PC's that are pretty fixed in those areas. Yeah, there are laptops and tablets, but there are also handheld games. I guess it just depends on preference. Consoles are pretty much made for gaming. PC's are like you said, all-in-one entertainment, but also serve other functions.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#133
xfri123 posted...
This argument is invalid if you got PS3,PC,WII,PSP just like me.

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User Info: gfrequency

4 years ago#134
If game systems were judged solely based upon their technical specs, then PC would be the obvious winner. It's about what sort of games you want to play. I grew up playing 8-bit and 16-bit consoles, and I played PC RPGs in the 1990s. Sometimes I just don't want to play Europa Universalis or Dawn of War. Sometimes I want to play Uncharted, or Persona 4, or Dragon's Crown. How difficult can it possibly be to understand that consoles and PCs have two very different game libraries that appeal to different people? Don't even answer that, I assume half the people on this thread will just say something along the lines of "Neener neener, you mean consoles appeal to STUPID people!" Christ I'm sick of this argument. It will never be resolved. Ever. So why doesn't everyone just shut up about it and play whichever they want?
You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.

User Info: Kamen_Rider_H

4 years ago#135

User Info: DerPancake

4 years ago#136
Kamen_Rider_H posted...

Consoles can get viruses.
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User Info: Kageblade23

4 years ago#137
consoles have exclusives and not all pcs can emulate consoles properly half of them dont even run at normal speed (most of them run anywhere between 0-30 fps and the drop rate can either be very static or not depending on how much the rom is forcing the emulator to run. not to mention not all consoles have emulators... there are specific differences that and emulating roms isnt exactly legal if you dont have a physical copy of the game so why would you buy a physical copy of a bunch of console exclusives just to emulate them on a pc where it may or may not run at the proper frame rate with out significant droppage
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User Info: Oktoberfest

4 years ago#138
much easier to resell console games
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User Info: SpacedDuck

4 years ago#139
Don't get me wrong, I think PC gaming is awesome. However I'd be missing out without my consoles.

I'd miss games like

GTA on actual launch day
The Last of Us

I mean I could go on. The only thing PC really has or had because I'm sure it will be on next gen consoles day one when announced is Half Life.

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User Info: PathlessBullet

4 years ago#140
PC gaming has too many hackers. Literally cannot find one game of BF3 where someone isn't aim botting.
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