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steam support is awful.

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User Info: thebladeofwoe

4 years ago#41
Lol TC is being trashed. No need to be a jerk TC. Steam will eventually help.... In like 1 year.

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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#42
Conker posted...
I've had two very different experiences and the opposite result for each than I was expecting.

1. I bought a game for $7 and it went on sale for $3.50 the next day. I asked for a refund not expecting one (and everyone here saying they don't give them), got it, and was able to get it for the sale price. They replied hours after I asked.

2. The bad experience was from a scammer and I made a trade for items but one item I did not mean to trade and wasn't really paying attention. The person laughed and talked s***. So I sent in with the copy/pasted chat asking of they could do anything, even to give the item back in my inventory (it was a very rare mythical drop from Dota 2). It was entirely my fault I lost the item, it was late and I wasn't paying close attention and got excited to make a trade for some other items. They didn't reply for a few days and gave me one line, "We can't do anything. Trades are final." I understand the chance of getting them to place a digital item back in my inventory was asking a lot, but it was just odd since the trade consisted of about $20 worth of other items I'd bought, so its not like I was being some cheapass that wanted free stuff. Not to mention they could read/check the chat and tell the person was a scammer.

Wow dude. You f***ing up doesn't make the other guy a scammer. And why are you telling that story like Steam customer service is bad? The only bad person in that story is you. YOU weren't paying attention and YOU are trying to avoid responsibility by calling the other guy a scammer and Steam customer service bad. You sound like the kind of person who'd ask the government to ban violent video games after your kid played one while you weren't looking.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.

User Info: richard733

4 years ago#43
TimePharaoh posted...
richard733 posted...

you obviously have not dealt with steam support your self, for i have been waiting for replies to my inquiry.

i am a victim of steam support.

i am not simply whining or crying for attention.

i am a part of an elite group who you have no experience with.

also: your a troll.

TBQH I'd rather be a troll than just stupid and ignorant. You're right, I have no experience with them as I'm not dumb enough to need their help. Exhibit A: You're ridiculous non-problem

richard733 posted...
it says my account is closed /locked and i've made no purchases or used my account for years.

i used my account once to get portal2 since i bought a ps3 copy.

the only issue i have is why cant they close the account thats tied to my email address?

the only email address that i use.

just let me make a new account with my email or something i havent bought anything! urgh sorry for complaing on blogfaqs because steam staff is not responding.

"Hey guise I can't use my account I don't want but I want a new account on that email instead of just using another email"

i do want an account?

User Info: ArthasReborn

4 years ago#44
I find actual interaction with Steam support to be decent, having dealt with a lot of other ones including dreaded customer service reps from Canada's Big Three telecoms. Those ones are awful in its purest form.

Steam support is just really, really slow. I usually get responses back within a week, but everyone else I know that's dealt with them can take as long as two. I had one friend complain about not being able to access his Steam account because of some SNAFU regarding his Gmail account and Google not having support for that either that he could use.

User Info: bear720

4 years ago#45
arleas posted...
From: Devil_wings00 | #031
I don't know what people expect from big services like steam when it comes to customer service they have tens of millions of users meaning they have a massively bloated amount of people needing service. Yes, a week or two is pretty excessive but why don't you just phone?

Where do you find the phone number for Steam Support?

I'm pretty sure there isn't one.

Seriously this. I never found one. Pretty sure you can call Valve directly, but I don't think there is a number for Steam support.
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User Info: ArthasReborn

4 years ago#46
Yeah, Steam only has email support, not live chat or phoning. It's super inconvenient and, honestly, rather slow. I'm sure they've received plenty of complaints about that on their forums, but they haven't really changed it. Not sure if they ever provided a reason why.
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