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Buying additional 120mm exhaust fans, question.

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User Info: Raging_water

4 years ago#1
Hi, I've searched around but haven't had a definitive answer. I've just built a computer and I'm going to get two 120mm exhaust fans for the top (currently only have the rear exhaust and front intake, [and cpu/psu obviously]). I couldn't get a straight answer for the advertised RPM I should be looking at for these kinds of fans? 1100-1450 seem right?

Two shown, although I believe the top is more of a heatsink fan. The second one, with 1100 RPM and 39.88 CFM, is this reasonable?
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User Info: imickeyyy

4 years ago#2
That RPM range is fine.

The RPM range is indicative of how loud your fans/rig will be.

Higher RPM fans tend to have better airflow, all other things being equal, at the cost of higher noise levels. (lol look at videos on youtube of delta fans)

With decent fans at that RPM you can have pretty quiet performance.

I would look at a review of the fans to see if those specs are accurate, but likely go with the bottom ones which are touted at a slightly lower RPM with slightly higher CFM.

User Info: Mytheos77

4 years ago#3
It doesnt really matter.

More CFM the more air it pushes, the louder it is.

So you just have to ask yourself, how loud can I handle?

But either way unless you arent properly cooling everything else the exhaust fans arent going to do anything incredible.

But either way - Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm x 25mm Fan - 1850 RPM (D1225C12B5AP-15)

Thats about what you are dealing with as best overall.

You can get the same type but at more CFM, but you start getting loud quick, and it wont make hardly any difference, maybe a degree or two if you're lucky.

User Info: Mytheos77

4 years ago#4
BTW ignore RPM, and just look at CFM and Noise level dB (Decibel)

RPM really has little to do with anything, some fans have higher RPM and are more noisy and push less air that others with lower RPM.

RPM is just a general rule of thumb the higher it is usually the higher the CFM and noise level.

But again who cares? The only thing that matters is CFM and dB.
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  3. Buying additional 120mm exhaust fans, question.

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