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Can I get recommendation for a good tablet?

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User Info: Thescyy

4 years ago#11
m_x360 posted...
Yeah the Windows surface tablets sadly sucks either with the capability or the price even thou they really seemed to be the perfect choice for me since I want windows OS tablet.

Well, does the Google nexus tablets play many types of files just like windows? Can it at least play a cbr/cbz files? So I can read comics or manga? Because I've started hating reading them in my laptop it's a bit of a pain and not as comfortable as with a tablet. Thanks.

Yup, you can use really any file format out there as long as you get the right application.
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User Info: yars

4 years ago#12
nook hd+
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User Info: reincarnator07

4 years ago#13
If not an iPad, go for a Nexus. Windows tablets are great in concept, but horrible in execution.
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User Info: spireguy

4 years ago#14
I for one have found that the Samsung android tablets are very reliable and capable. I've used IPads, Kindles, The original Samsung 7 inch tab, Samsung Tab 2.0 (not the cheaper remake), the Note and the Note 2. I used the Samsung tablet like devices more than my computers sometimes. I would recommend the Samsung tablets.

Maybe if some of the windows Tablets become a little more user friendly like the Asus Tiachi laptop ultrabook (i call it a Tabtop) then I would recommend a windows tablet.
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User Info: Dragnfyr

4 years ago#15
Get a tablet with a high DPI screen or else reading novels/extended amounts of text will be very annoying.
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