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How many monitors do you have?

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User Info: daynawiday

4 years ago#11
I have 2

User Info: GiSS88

4 years ago#12
Just one for now. If I get around to having excess money to spend I'd like to go with a triple setup, but can't justify the price.
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User Info: Trance_Fan

4 years ago#13
i have 24" 3d monitor and a 47" hdtv beside my desk
i think it's nice


4 years ago#14
3. 65" LED TV to game on, 46" plasma for internet browsing, and 24" monitor for temp monitoring, Skype, and Steam chat.
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User Info: Dragonspawn1319

4 years ago#15
SlashmanSG posted...
2, while gaming I have CPU/GPU monitors on the other screen. When not gaming I usually have youtube, netflix, or football on the second screen while I surf webs and don't afraid of anything.

Pretty much this. My 2nd monitor is a tv. I keep system monitors on its half of the desktop so I can check them if I need to. It also comes in handy for messing with a web browser or mumble without having to alt+tab. It's also great if I want to watch a movie off my pc. And of course I can always just watch tv.

User Info: Darkcloud20

4 years ago#16
2 the second one is mostly for IRC but I move the browser to it while gaming and sometimes I juggle programs arround. Really wouldn't want to go back to only 1.

User Info: cody4783

4 years ago#17
2 As well.

Main monitor (Which in my case is the Right one) either has a browser full-screened on it, or a game running 90% of the time.

Secondary monitor has Steam Friends list, AIMP3 (Music player), Steam chat windows/Client, movie/videos, etc.. It plays the catch-all role, while my main monitor is primarily for fullscreen programs.

User Info: UberLurker

4 years ago#18
I guess you could call it two... 24" 1200p monitor, 40" 1080p HDTV. I use the monitor for general use and games where the extra resolution can be appreciated, I use the TV for videos and console ports that look best in 1080p. I rarely use both simultaneously though, usually only when I'm tuning game settings so I can have performance monitors on the secondary.

At work I legitimately have two 24" 1080p screens... very nice for development, I can have forms on one screen and code on the other. Still wish they were 16:10 though =/

User Info: FaPaThY

4 years ago#19
2. Play a game on my main monitor, browse the web, watch a stream, etc. on my second. It's really helping while playing X3, because I can have a spreadsheet open on my 2nd monitor to track my trade/supply routes and stuff while making sure auto-pilot doesn't crash into a station or asteroid :P
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User Info: samurai1900

4 years ago#20
One 27" 1440p, more than one monitor might just end distracting me.
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