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Specs of your first PC?

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User Info: arleas

4 years ago#81
It depends on what you consider gaming... My first ever computer was back in 1981 and was someone's old Tandy TRS-80 Model I computer they sold us... 4K of RAM, B&W monitor that was mostly good for text (but it could do some really ugly/blocky pixels too)...Most of the games on that were text based or had simple ASCII style graphics.

Otherwise the first REAL gaming computer was an Atari 800 we got in 1983 (Again I got it used for cheap) and that had like 48K of RAM in it...

User Info: CaptainKatsura

4 years ago#82
I don't exactly remember the specs,but I remember it being some POS Compaq computer that had about 25GB of memory.I couldn't even run Morrowind vanilla on it,it was so bad.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#83
I don't remember since I was about 5 or 6 when my family first got it a computer. I do remember a couple things though, it was a Dell and it came with a massive 16mb or ram and 10gb HDD lol At least I think it did, it was a long time ago.
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User Info: __starsnostars

4 years ago#84
Commodore 64 - whatever specs they have.

User Info: eragonman9

4 years ago#85
First computer I ever used and played games on was an Apple II, I think.
I have fond memories of Lode Runner.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#86
The first PC I had with my family runned on Windows 95, I think (or was it 98? It was one of the 2). And I have no idea what specs it had (I was so young at the time, I wouldn't know what specs were and I woupdn't uave understand them).
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User Info: eddy1nsane

4 years ago#87
386 PC ( 2 decades ago). It has 33 MHZ, 4 MB of ram, big floppy disk, a tape back-up, 100 mb of hd i think. best of all, a turbo switch!!!!!
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User Info: ph33r1es5

4 years ago#88
Pentium 200 MHz
Whatever ram they have.. 32Mb?
And whatever integrated graphics it had.. lol
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User Info: jrb363

4 years ago#89
Excellent posts guys. I love reading through all of them (yes, all of them) and seeing what everyone used back in the day. I really enjoyed seeing the huge variety of different systems from all kinds of manufacturers, most of who are no longer with us. (Compaq, Tandy, Atari, Packard Bell, etc)
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User Info: paramite12

4 years ago#90
I don't remember all the specs, but I believe it was a 486 with a 60mb hard drive. I could play doom on it hahaha.
The first one I really started messing around on was a pentium 1 200mhz, 32mb ram, 3gb hard drive, and an ati 3d rage pro 2 video card with 2mb vram hahaha
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