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Should I calibrate my monitor? + Good way to do so?

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User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

4 years ago#11
final bump
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#12
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#13
rkpeagle posted...
If you have a blu-ray player, I'd recommend this.

That's what I use as well.

Alternatively, you can find a forum about your specific monitor and plug in the agreed upon optimal settings from people that actually used calibration equipment to obtain a professional-level result. While it's true that you have to calibrate to your specific room/lighting, those values are almost certainly going to be closer to accuracy than the stock settings.
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4 years ago#14
I think there is a calibration tool in windows 7 and windows 8.

Not sure how good it works though.
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User Info: rareware101

4 years ago#15

Two things though, you'll still never know what should correct without spending a ton on a proper calibrator and it's only really important to people who work in graphic design to have absolute colours.
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User Info: WerdnAndreW

4 years ago#16
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User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

4 years ago#17
Well, I know it is okay the way it is, but if I can get better (and possibly even free) why not get better?
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