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Anyone here got a neat custom mousepad?

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  3. Anyone here got a neat custom mousepad?

User Info: nehukog

4 years ago#21
where can you go to get custom mouse pads?

User Info: Garquill

4 years ago#22
jokujokujoku posted...
wizardmon posted...

Da **** is wrong with you?

what happened to loving others for their souls
those ponies are intelligent creatures
why does their different body make it wrong
why joku why
"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." ~ A. Einstein

User Info: eragonman9

4 years ago#23
pfantzypantz posted...

Can't take a picture, but this is the image I used, would like to get more sometime

And why you gotta do dat to Asuka

I'm tempted to get that same one.
*poke* *jiggle*
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  3. Anyone here got a neat custom mousepad?

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