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EA: "We don't deliver offline experiences any more"

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User Info: steveboblarry

4 years ago#1

Chief Keef makes music for people who spin around in circles to get dizzy

User Info: chrono625

4 years ago#2 - Super Bowl XLVI Champions - NY Giants
Eli Manning SB tracker: 2/2 Superbowls 2/2 SBMVP's

User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 years ago#3
Moore is a moron. Everything he's involved with fails. It's just taking EA longer because they have more money.
See The Game Collection

User Info: KillerTruffle

4 years ago#4
So f*** EA. They're treating the Call of Duty horde as "gamers" in general. F*** eliminating the single-player experience. You make multiplayer-only games, you lose my business, simple as that. Course, EA effectively lost my business some time ago anyway.
"How do I get rid of a Trojan Horse?" -Sailor_Kakashi
"Leave it outside the gates of Troy overnight." -Davel23

User Info: Jprime666

4 years ago#5
Can't wait for forced multiplayer and microtransactions in dragon age 3.
How many emotions is people?

User Info: Lemur_H

4 years ago#6
Another non-gamer telling gamers what they really want.

I already swore off buying EA games.

So f*** them. :P

User Info: pfantzypantz

4 years ago#7
Welp, and here I thought EA could have potentially turned around, what the heck are they gunna do to DA3.

User Info: Mystical_NEET

4 years ago#8
Ready for that Mass Effect F2P MMO?

I think I'm going to make a team of females from every race, including Turian, Salarian and Krogan. It'll be just like my Japanese animes.

User Info: arleas

4 years ago#9
This doesn't sound like anything new.... EA has been trying to say that they want every game to be "online" for a while now (like since around the release of Mass Effect 3).

Actually, Valve said it before EA did...

Though they had to go back and explain that it didn't mean they were no longer doing Single player... just a focus on more online features for the single player games. Essentially it's the same thing Ming the Merciless is saying in that article you linked... though I don't think Valve has said they're going to focus on bring F2P to every game franchise... but they HAVE fully embraced F2P since TF2 went free...

User Info: ZeraphLordS

4 years ago#10
I wasn't even surprised when I read the headline.
The best course of action is to just get the information you need, then get out while you're still alive. - destroy everything on GameFAQs
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