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PC gaming headset/headphones- What do you have and rate it!

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User Info: Voelger

3 years ago#1
I have turtle beach x41- I would rate them 3 out of 10- they pop and crackle and were way too much $.

I'm looking for a new wired headset for 50$, but there are so many to choose from and the quality varies greatly.

Like I can spend 150$ on turtle beaches that are worse then a sennheiser for 60$
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User Info: CammyApple

3 years ago#2
In the past I have used:

TBX11: They were a very good set of gaming headphones for the price back then
DPX21: Better than the X11 in every way. The DSS box was a real help. Still use it for various things.
Tritton 180s I think: Mostly fine. Fell apart after a year or so.
Tritton ax720 (I think): Good all around. The proprietary decoder was a bummer.
Astro a30s: Easily the worst console headset I've used. Mic issues being the main issue. Amp is great.

Sony Wireless Stereo Headset: This thing is very good, though not the most comfortable. It works easily on PC as well.

Razer Blackshark: I know I know, razer... booo. hisss. However they are comfortable. The mic is fine enough and detachable. They work with my 360 if I use the astro mixamp. Cord is a bit short though.

Nothing I've used has been spectacular. They have all served their purpose at the times I owned them though.
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User Info: blakegalloway

3 years ago#3
I've had the Razer Megalodon 7.1's for almost 3 years now. I really like them. They're very lightweight and comfortable. I have to play for 6+ hours straight to even notice them, mostly from my ears being so warm.

As for the sound? I think it's awesome for virtualised 7.1. I can't really comment on highs/lows because I can't stand people who do. I've only noticed slight buzzing in the past month or two in very loud games or music. People might chalk that up to the typical Razer is crap routine, but I haven't used anything but these headphones since I bought them and I'm on the computer daily for hours. And this is on top the headset being dropped on the ground countless times because I yank the cord or whatnot. I'm more than pleased with the quality and durability. I haven't had any complaints about the mic quality either.

I only have two gripes. One is the control pod and cord situation. The cord is braided (no signs of wear whatsoever) and is 10 feet long. But the control pod (which is very nice quality wise) is situated in an odd place along said cord. About 7 of the 10 feet of the cord runs between the USB connector and pod. This gives you only 3 feet between the pod and the headset. This can cause for some weird ergonomics especially considering the pod is basically an anchor and has to sit on your desk or tower.

And then there's also the price. It runs about $130 on Amazon. I thought it was a little steep at first, but think it's worth more than that at this point.

User Info: Knight2520

3 years ago#4
Sennheiser PC 360s. 7/10

Very good quality IMO, but they're the only headset I've had so I'm trying to be somewhat neutral. The mic quality is also excellent.
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User Info: SpacedDuck

3 years ago#5
I've got a Gamecom 780 and I love it.

I'd actually give it a 8.5/10.

They hurt my ears after more than two hours of gaming but that's mostly going to be any headset I'd say/

The only reason I docked them a point and a half is it picks up a fan I turn on in my room when it gets hot.

There are other headsets out there that have noise cancellation.

Other than that it's been amazing and they only cost about $70 including tax.

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User Info: AlleRacing

3 years ago#6
Beyerdynamic DT990 600 Ohm

They're pretty awesome, very sturdy coming from my old HD555s, and provide some bass the Senns lacked.

User Info: Last_Grand_Mage

3 years ago#7
Logitech G930

I got them as a gift, they're pretty good, high quality sound and microphone. The one big problem I have with them is that when they were new they would drop the connection for about 5-10 seconds on a fairly regular basis, but they really haven't done that in a while, except for when they're running out of battery.

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User Info: MaKhaos

3 years ago#8
JVC harx700

They are huge. I still haven't burned them in yet but they sound great. Pretty comfortable after you get used to it in long sessions. Good soundstage.

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User Info: thatfool12Gs

3 years ago#9
Turtle Beach headphones are the equivalent of Razer products - all flash and trendiness, poor quality products.

You will be much better off getting some regular headphones, and a clip on or desktop mic.

I have the Sennheiser HD Pro 280's and they are great for gaming. They "hug" your head to ensure you don't lose any sound, and have accurate sound representation. I bought a desktop mic from Best Buy and I'm set.
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User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#10
Steelseries 3H - 2.5/5. Very portable, and surprising bass for such a cheap headset, but they were uncomfortable and that bass was pretty much all they had. Can't argue too much for £30.

Steelseries Siberia V2 - 3.5/5. Very lightweight and comfortable. Sound quality isn't bad, considering the price. However, the bass could get a bit overpowering. Well worth the extra money over the 3h. Got mine for £42 a couple years back.

Steelseries 7H - 4.5/5. Notice a pattern here? FWIW, I've not used audiophile headphones, so have nothing better to compare it to. Compared to the Siberia V2, it has a much clearer sound. Bass is still present, but not overpowering. Treble is there, but not ear piercing. Music and games have some real power to them. Very comfortable, although not as much so as the Siberia V2. Can be disassembled and has a removable lead.
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