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Anyone have the Foxconn 7900GS story

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User Info: supernite

3 years ago#1
the one written by poop_corn

User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#2
From: poop_corn
Thousands of years ago, the world, which was named CHAINTECH at the time, was run by a powerful leader, named Lord ZOGIS. Lord ZOGIS was a very cruel leader. Anyone who spoke out against him was tortured and executed.
In a village not far from the capitol city of Biostar, lived a young farmer named Foxconn. While harvesting wheat from his garden, a glowing human-like figure appeared in the middle of his wheat crop.
"Who are you!?!" cried Foxconn. "My name is nVidia," said the figure, "I have come from above; I watch over you, and have chosen you! You must defeat Lord ZOGIS! Here, take this 7900gs!"
"But I cannot defeat Lord ZOGIS with a vanilla 7900gs! He is much too powerful!" said Foxconn.
"wooOOooo you must find a way! wooOOooo I must go now woooo." And nVidia floated off into space.
So Foxconn saddled up his pet Zebra named EVGA, and headed off to the capitol city of Biostar.

Foxconn arrived at Lord ZOGIS's temple in Biostar and went in.

"ZOGIS!!!!! I AM HERE TO KILL YOU!!" yelled Foxconn. Lord ZOGIS just smirked, threw back his cape and fired a laser from his underclocked 7300LE. Foxconn pulled out his 7900gs and blocked the laser. The 7900gs shook and twitched in his hand. The laser from ZOGIS's 7300LE overclocked the 7900gs by 110MHz!

Foxconn raised the overclocked 7900gs in the air, and struck Lord ZOGIS with a bright, rainbow colored laser. Lord ZOGIS fell over dead. It was over. The people were free again.

And that is the story of the Foxconn 7900gs.

User Info: supernite

3 years ago#3

User Info: HappyKhicken

3 years ago#4
i don't even what is
__WooBarb__ : Yes. Your computer does not start. The heatsink is definately dead.
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