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So how many of you are left handed AND use the mouse in the left hand?

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  3. So how many of you are left handed AND use the mouse in the left hand?

User Info: ThePlasmaStorm

4 years ago#1
Anyone? Anyone?
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#2
I'm a lefty and I've never understood the people who complain about controllers or mice.

In my opinion, it's all in how you learn to do it. For example, I was taught to cut with a knife and fork right-handed, so that seems normal to me despite being a lefty. Same concept applies to mouse being used by the right hand. I learned it that way, so it's perfectly normal to me.
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User Info: GreenMage7

4 years ago#3
I am right handed and I use the mouse in my left hand. Deathadder Left-Hand Edition.

My pinky reaches the entire keyboard and my thumb naturally sits on control.

When I'm on a computer that's not mine I use the mouse in my right hand just fine though.

Interestingly, I also eat and shoot pool left-handed. But that's about the extent of what I use it for.

User Info: rpgian

4 years ago#4
I'm primarily a leftie and I use mouse left handed. Oddly enough I use the touch pad with my right. I like arrow key movement over wasd as my hand hand is usually the stable one and the left is the mover.

Thankfully uncomfy controls can always be fixed.

No sure I'm entirely left handed though. Maybe semi ambi. I can functionally write and do finer things with the right one but its just feels more natural with the left.

User Info: AssassinDX

4 years ago#5
Yup. I'm comfortable using it with my right hand though, as when I lived with my parents and sister who are all right handed the mouse sat on that side of the desk. Interestingly now I have my own family, and my own PC, the mouse sits on the left and they as right handers have adapted to that.

User Info: thebladeofwoe

4 years ago#6
I am a lefty but use my g500 in my right hand and left for keys.

But i play pool with my left same for guitar and aim rifles/pistols.
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User Info: chris121691

4 years ago#7
I use my right hand for the mouse.
But I play sports and write with my left hand

User Info: ein311

4 years ago#8
I have a Deathadder and Naga left handed edition. Enjoy both of them a lot.
I also use an Ouroboros daily, and find it to be absolutely perfect.

I did a lot of LAN parties back in high school and often times we'd hop around on other computers. I got tired of having to remap WASD so I figured screw it and learned how to use WASD with my right hand. Took about an hour to get used to and I haven't bothered with changing control schemes since.

I also left click with my middle finger on ambi/right handed mice I use. On the Naga and the Deathadder I'm just fine using the swapped left/right click buttons.
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User Info: ToastyOne

4 years ago#9
Lefty here. Using my right hand always felt more natural with a mouse. Same goes with using power tools, holding guns, remote controls, gear stick. Now that I think about it I guess I'm really cross dominant, favoring the left side.

User Info: Jiblet98

4 years ago#10
I'm also a lefty, but I use the mouse in my right hand.
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  3. So how many of you are left handed AND use the mouse in the left hand?

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