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Is this a decent deal for PC parts?

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User Info: Purification

3 years ago#1
CPU: i5-3570K
MB: Asus Sabertooth Z77
CPU cooler: Corsair H80 Liquid Cooler
RAM: Corsair Vengence 8GB(4GB x 2) DDR3-1600 Blue Kit

All for $420. They are all used (rough a few months old) but all working.

Also, what about a Radeon HD 7870 for $150 (used)?
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User Info: rareware101

3 years ago#2
Not too hot on prices in $ but that seems about right. I'd be very happy with those for £300-350 at current exchange rates as they are practically new as you say - and will form the bones of a very nice PC. Not sure on the GPU price.
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