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Old PC games you wish were on Steam, but for whatever reason aren't

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User Info: Pauken

4 years ago#1
One of my all time favourite RTS games is Battle for Middle Earth 2. I loved how it had a dynamic map-based campaign that worked in Multiplayer for small groups, as it allowed a long-term objective separate from each battle to form. Also of note was the hero design feature, which, while primitive, still allowed for some fun customization options. Unfortunately it was published by EA, who I believe lost the rights to the LotR franchise games, and thus it will never get a Steam release....and even if it did get rereleased, it'd probably be released on Origin...bleh :(

What older PC games would you love to see a rerelease of on Steam?

User Info: Aorokusho

4 years ago#2
System Shock 1. Although I've heard the reason for it not appearing on Steam is because the source code is supposedly lost
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User Info: SlashmanSG

4 years ago#3
Pauken posted...
Battle for Middle Earth 2

Since when is a 2006 game an "old PC game"? Wow.

I say any of the X-Wing series.
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User Info: CardigansFan

4 years ago#4
Airline Tycoon Deluxe. I was about to pick up Airline Tycoon 2 when it was on sale recently until I had seen the reviews saying how simplified and "meh" it was. Amazon and Viva-Media both have it, but I'd much rather have it on Steam obviously.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

4 years ago#5
A game that was released THIS "generation" is an "old PC game"?
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User Info: BDSM

4 years ago#6
Master of Magic.

The "3D" Ravenloft games.

The Dark Sun games.
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User Info: Bigj089

4 years ago#7
Neither really what Id call old but Freelancer and Nox come to mind.
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User Info: SleepComa

4 years ago#8
Chex quest or whatever it's called.
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User Info: anonymous46773

4 years ago#9
Battle for Middle Earth 2
Bring back Stubbs the Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse
Battle Realms
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Raptor: Call of the Shadows
Lords of Magic
Mythical Warriors: Battle for Eastland
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User Info: sauruschamp1

4 years ago#10
[cough] [cough]
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