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Old PC games you wish were on Steam, but for whatever reason aren't

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User Info: SneakiestNeg

4 years ago#121
Digital is not perfect. Some games have major rights issues. And Steam might not be around forever.

User Info: greywolf00

4 years ago#122
Betrayal at Krondor (least GoG has it)
Mech Commander 2

User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 years ago#123
LVUER posted...
Virtual On.

See The Game Collection

User Info: alienated182

4 years ago#124
DerPancake posted...
Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors

Not the crappy HD version.

Gotta ask why your not a fan of the new version?
I loved that game and played it all the way until the HD version, everything is the same, even the bad netcode. I cant think of anything that is worse than the original.

also, Outlaws and Grim Fandango, I'd love to see these games resurface

User Info: kobalobasileus

4 years ago#125
Dungeon Master 2: Legend of Skullkeep.

I almost finished it back in the day before a Win95 upgrade broke my ability to play PC (DOS) games for the next 5 years. I've never been able to get it to run in DOSbox, even though I still have the original CD.

User Info: OrgeLambart

4 years ago#126
The movies, The adventures of Willy Beamish, Maniac Mansion

probably a few other games as well, can't really recall them off hand.
Xboxlive - Orge Lambart , Steam ID - Orge Lambart

User Info: MarceloSampaio

4 years ago#127
Hoogovens posted...
Not all that old, but...

No One Lives Forever 1 & 2

I still play them once a year. :) Both of them work great in Windows 7, so I'm happy. But yeah, would be nice having them on Steam. I would buy them again. :)

Cate Archer >>>>>>>>> James Bond! :3

Evolution of the dungeons in the Elder Scrolls game (from Daggerfall onwards)... ES 6 dungeons will be strait lines, I guess...

User Info: Nykza

4 years ago#128
Battlezone 1 and 2
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