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Man, how long does it take to get good aiming with a mouse?

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  3. Man, how long does it take to get good aiming with a mouse?

User Info: therickmu25

4 years ago#31
7 minutes.
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 years ago#32
Hi C posted...
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I am delusional.

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User Info: claytonbuckley

4 years ago#33
Lower the sensitivity and stick with it. Think of it as you have to play with mouse and keyboard. If you go back to a controller, the moment you step into a multiplayer game you will be destroyed if you are using a controller.

TC, bookmark this topic. In a few months when you are totally use to the mouse and realize how much superior it is, come back here and thank everyone who told you to stick with it.

User Info: MonerMoner

4 years ago#34
No one else said it so I'll ask, do you have mouse acceleration turned off? Doing that helped me aim better.


4 years ago#35
Mouse aiming is more accurate because the cursor movement, that is manipulated using the finesse in your entire arm and fingers, is more accurate than an analog stick that is only moved by applying various degrees of pressure in different directions with your thumb.

That said, it is likely that there will be a period of transition for anyone switching from one to the other. It probably takes several hours just to build some familiarity, and perhaps another week or even a month to build the muscle memory needed for split second reactions and such.

One common mistake people make, that is made worse by the high DPI mice that are available nowadays, is that people use a sensitivity that is way too high. When you have a sensitivity that is higher than you can handle, it is very hard, if not impossible to ever become accurate. On console, some of the top players use high sensitivities because typically when aiming there is a fixed top cursor speed that can really hold you back. On the PC however, having a low sensitivity does not equal being slow, as you can account for it by fast mouse sweeps. Many of the top FPS players in games such a Counter Strike, use a fairly low, not a high sensitivity.

I like to advice people to use a very low sensitivity and adjust it upward little by little until you have something that works for you. Just give yourself a chance to get used to a lower sensitivity first.
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User Info: Flaktrooper123

4 years ago#36
Unlike analog controller, your aim with the mouse very strongly depends on your dexterity. It probably take two weeks to be comfortable, especially if you are too used to analog controller. About sensitivity, It is up to you whether you want high or low sensitivity, just adjust until you get the most comfortable speed. Low sensitivity means better accuracy, however it also means you will have more problem with someone who tries to circle strafe you, high sensitivity gives you fast response, but will give you trouble with sniper rifles, and with too high sensitivity it may give some people a motion sickness.

User Info: Keyeszx

4 years ago#37
5 seconds after fiddling around with sensitivity. Just gotta find that right point for yourself.
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  3. Man, how long does it take to get good aiming with a mouse?

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