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A good recommended SD/SD-SDHC USB flash adapter?

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User Info: Metroid_Lover

4 years ago#1
*sorry, I don't know exactly what there called.*

I'm trying to find a good USB card adapter that takes SD cards (don't really need the micro-sd part, but if it comes with it, that's ok) that does SD cards as well as SDHC cards that is a USB flash drive.

Has anyone on this board got one and recommend it because of the brand/type/ease of use?

I got a lot of SD cards (1 or two are SDHC) and I like the idea of the one my friend let me borrow, closest I can find is this on line:

'SODIAL(TM) Usb Adapter For Micro sd Card'
*have a Micro-SD to SD card adapter so I'm ok with using that*

But that's only for Micro-SD cards, I'm looking for one that does SD/SDHC cards, anyone have any recommendations on this board?

I'd prefer one that loads in the back/straight, not onto the side of the stick, since the images I see with those, the SD card pokes out really far on those, but if it's recommended from this board, I'll get it.

I did a quick 'USB SD adapter' search, but there are way too many brands/styles, and I'm getting a little confused, please help me.

Thanks in advance!
"If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh" - Magus

User Info: WerdnAndreW

4 years ago#2
This is the one I use and works well
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