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My issue with PC gaming

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User Info: CronoDyne

3 years ago#21
TimePharaoh posted...
Senkoy posted...
This is why I prefer consoles. With consoles, I spend 100% of the time gaming. With PC, i spend almost half of the time getting the damn game to work right. It can be very frustrating and tedious at times. If it weren't for amazing steam sales and humble bundles, I wouldn't even bother with PC gaming at all. I laugh at the notion of paying $50 for a steam game that may or may not work and you could never sell or lend to anyone. I can't believe people pay full price for digital only games.

But....every Steam game works?

If it doesn't work, well, you should probably learn how computers work?

"Oh noes a mild inconvenience when playing every single "generation" worth of games in the same place"

I loled. Peasants gon farm

(And protip, $50 isn't fullprice when the console equivalent is $60, and Steam would refund a game that doesn't work derp)

The arrogant elitism is strong in this one.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#22
Senkoy posted...
Mild inconvenience to spend hours figuring out how to get a game to work? How dumb are you? And I'm sure I know more about computers than you do. Knowing about computers doesn't change the fact that games just don't run like they should.

Yes, it's a mild inconvenience, because at most it'll take you 15 minutes to google whats wrong with your computer. But if it takes you hours to get a game working, and works fine first try for me, then....perhaps the dumb one is lurking somewhere else?

And I'm sure you don't, because if you did you would never have spent "hours" trying to get a game to work. How many games do you have? I've been a PC gamer for over 20 years, have over 2000 games (on PC, which I can all still use right now on one machine), ranging from DOS games to one that came out a week ago. I have never spent "hours" getting one to work (unless you count downloading a game as "getting it to work" I guess?). Or, perhaps, you're including mods? Which are usermade and not supported by the developer, so that's another case....and would be incredibly stupid if that's what you were referring to.

If you weren't doing something wrong, than the vast majority of people would have these problems. Show me one game where there's thousands of people complaining about the hours they spent getting it to work. I'll wait. Since such a thing doesn't exist, the problem
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#23
CronoDyne posted...
The arrogant elitism is strong in this one.

What exactly did I say that was either arrogant or elitist? Please point it out so I can then properly be both arrogant and elite as I explain why you're ignorant and wrong.
"HE are genius, firstly." - ASlaveObeys

User Info: Senkoy

3 years ago#24
jessica73 posted...
exactly what are you playing that you're having trouble with, cause it's been years since i had even close to that amount of trouble with a game.

First of all, I am exagerrating when I say hours because I've been so frustrated. It ranges from 5 min to 30 minutes though some issues tend to persist, like older games not fitting on my screen right. The edges are cut off and I gave up trying to figure that one out and just played the games like that.

Anyway, these are the issues I've had in just the last 3 days.

The Walking Dead.

Kept crashing at start up. Restarting Steam fixed it the first time, simple enough. Didn't have any issues once the game started. Then when i started it again for ch 2, restarting steam wouldn't work no matter how many times I did it. Restarted comp, still wouldn't. Ended up finding a dll file someone created that got it to work. I though that was the end of it but when booting it up for chapter 3 it didn't work again. Once again I had to reach the steam forums and one suggestion was to run it as administrator. Didn't work. Next was running it in compatibility mode and fortunately that worked. Then to finish the game i tried running it normally and it crashed as usual but interestingly enough, running it as administrator work. It was all very annoying though, having to do something different every time i tried playing it.

Bioshock 2

Had some problems with the stupid Games for Windows Live crap, but it wasn't so bad. But later in the game it started crashing constantly. Very annoying. It didn't take that long to fix it but not that quick either since it seemed everyone was experiencing a different problem and each had it's own fix. Fortunately mine was the easiest and all I had to do was lower the graphics settings to medium and that worked. Not a single freeze until the end of the game. Problem was that it looked like crap. Far worse than on console. At least I finished it but that was still annoying.

Metro 2033

I had played this game months ago without a hitch but never finished it. I booted it up today and the image was squished. Extremely weird bug. I exited the game and rebooted steam but nothing. I didn't feel like trying to fix it so I just unistalled it and moved on.

Munch's Odysee

I had already had to download a third party .dll file to get the abe games to work, but this one also crashed on startup. Starting the game with the .exe fixed it but was unable to set the resolution so it looks screwy and the image is chopped at the corners. Just decided to play it like that but the pad is giving me some issues. When moving, if you tilt the analog stick lightly, he walks, all the way and he runs, but sometimes I can't get him to run. It's particularly bad during the swimming parts. I recalibrated the controller and it didn't help. Works fine with other games but not that well with this one.

All of that was JUST in the last three days. I hadn't played PC games in a while because of some issues. I didn't play Bioshock 1 for over a year because it had graphical glitches that I couldn't fix until I randomly decided to boot it up and all was fine now for some reason. There were other games I had issues with but I don't remember. There have been good experiences, like Borderlands. That game worked perfectly and definitely looked better than on console, so that was great. Left 4 Dead only froze on me once, worked really well otherwise.

But still, so far about 70% of the games I've gotten have given me some kind of problem, where only one game out of over 200+ games ever gave me a problem. If it weren't for the amazing sales and humble bundles, I wouldn't even bother with PC.
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User Info: Lost_Djinn

3 years ago#25
Software issues are a reality of a PC environment. Especially because it's so much more configurable/open then a console. I don't understand why some people here are even trying to argue that blatant fact.

Whether the blame is on the user or not is irrelevant to that fact. Do some people have less issue's then others? Absolutely. Can most issues be resolved relatively quickly? 90% of the time yes. But that does not invalidate the fact it is there, nor does it invalidate it's considered an inconvenience, one that is almost non existent on console's.

The most common issue I've had to deal with so far is incompatibility issues. More often then not, it wasn't anything I could have known about prior without extensive software/programming/hardware knowledge.

I don't think it's fair to expect my sister to know the specifics of her graphics card, just as it isn't fair for her expect me to know the specifics of her bow. It's a crude analogy, but I assume the message comes across.

As much as people like to say all problems are pc users own creations, just take in to consideration that software is to. And there is a LOT of buggy/c***** software(including games) to drive that point home.
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User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#26
The only games I've spent more than 5 mins trying to get working were 15+ years old. At least I can find a work around or patch. On consoles, I don't even have the option for that.
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User Info: zxelman

3 years ago#27
It happens more often than it should from time to time, that the only problem I get once a month is forgetting to run a program as an administrator. You get weird errors that don't explain why they went wrong, when you realize, "Oh, forgot to run as administrator", and the problem fixes itself.

An even less common error for me is when I have to run a program under Windows XP (One a lot of people would be familiar with, Xpadder).

And for those old games running under DOS, well, there are even programs that do the work for you so all you would even have to do is drag and drop the folder you want installed/to play.

This is from my experience, but as TC already read, other posters don't have big issues. Proper maintenance of your computer usually saves you a headache, and Googling has always helped me.

User Info: Keyeszx

3 years ago#28
If you can't deal with some troubleshooting you're in the wrong area.
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