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Skullgirls - worth it if you're not a pervert?

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User Info: nintend0Fan46

3 years ago#21
I think it's worth it.
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User Info: BizzyBrm27

3 years ago#22
JKatarn posted...
How is it hentai? Sure, the girls are supposed to be teenagers and some of the outfits are a bit skimpy, but it's hardly perverted, unless you associated anything with Japanese anime/that style with hentai, in which case nothing I can say will change your mind. I haven't played the game, but it looks like fun.

User Info: Zohar_Metatron

3 years ago#23
Fade2black001 posted...
The best 2D fighter is still Blaze Blue.

By Grabthar's Hammer, what a savings.

User Info: OdiousThirteen

3 years ago#24
Zohar_Metatron posted...
Fade2black001 posted...
The best 2D fighter is still Blaze Blue.


I know. I laughed at the typo, too.

He meant Blazblue.

User Info: sirtonne

3 years ago#25
Why is it so many people complain about sexualised girls in games like it's only for perverts and sexist men? I suppose these people think games with violent killing are only for psychopaths? Goes to show how f-d up our society is that we love shooting people but get all offended or put off games basically because of boobs. Grow up.

Back on topic, I wouldn't recommend Skullgirls on PC unless you're a casual fighter gamer and plan to stay that way. There is no high level fighting community on PC but there are plenty of scrubs and cheaters. It's gonna be a while before any PC fighter is worth playing for good players who want good competition.

User Info: BDSM

3 years ago#26
There is nothing perverted at all about the game.

I mean I personally would have freaky Lovecraftian sex with Minette, but the game doesn't impose that upon me.
Games I've played where you have non-consensual sex with your step-sister while half drowning her in a kitchen sink: 1

User Info: DownSouth113

3 years ago#27
Pervert topic?
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User Info: Oldschool_DBZ

3 years ago#28
damn if its not a perv game then not worth playing.
"The more things change, the more they stay the same" -Snake Plissken Escape from L.A.

User Info: eddy1nsane

3 years ago#29
Metal and Lace 2, the best fighting girls on PC.
God created the world, everything else are made in China

User Info: The_Weeaboo

3 years ago#30
I didn't know PCH was this easily trolled. Well done, TC.
Nippon Banzai!
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