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Any tips for a newcoming PC gamer for building?

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User Info: SlyCooper23

4 years ago#1
Long story short, i've decided to just build a PC for gaming versus being ripped off with a pre-built. Is there anything you guys could tell me? Like tips for builds? Like Brands to stay away from, recommended minimums for parts (I plan on a high-end build, maxing games), or ways to avoid common beginner mistakes? Just more or less beginner guide lines. Thanks guys/girls, I can't wait to be apart of PC Gaming!
Also, my budget will be roughly $1500 or so, if it matters.
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User Info: VIP86

4 years ago#2

This is a nice site to let you know what you could possibly get with the budget you have in mind.

Do alot of research in what goes into a computer, and then do some research on which manufactures have the best parts. In the end it comes to preference. I do recommend watching alot of reviews online.

If I had any recommendations, it would be to get a nice power supply. It's the thing that is powering all of your components. Some good brands are Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, and a few others.

Also, if it is in your budget, get a modular power supply. Basically, a modular power supply lets you plug in which cables you need, instead of having everything attached already. This helps alot in the cable management department of when your desktop is actually done.

User Info: Black_King945

4 years ago#3

Look over this build. Good gaming config for your price point including cost of monitor and operating system.

My general opinion:

I am partial to Asus, as you can see, no hiccups with their boards and graphics cards in my experience. Great heatsink on their graphics card.

Build has fast SSD drive for OS and games, and 2TB storage drive. Windows will boot in 7-10 seconds, games load noticeably faster in most cases.

i5 is great for gaming, i7 is shiny but extra cores will not offer much advantage for most uses.

Windows 7 is good for most users, Windows 8 can be considered 'faster' but most users will feel more comfortable on Windows 7.

The motherboard manual pretty much walks you through every step of assembly.

Biggest tip for beginners is SLOW AND STEADY. Doing things quickly will result in bending connectors, making mistakes, etc.

The case will come with brass standoffs you screw the motherboard in to. I have heard rare stories of people screwing their board right to the case and shorting them out.

OS install is easy, put the Windows 7 disc in, start up the system, setup RAM timings in BIOS, check CPU temps, point BIOS to CD drive, Windows walks you through install steps, put in Asus driver CD, graphics card CD, and it's all just updates from there.
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