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Why couldn't the Humble Bundle last until Friday

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User Info: OrgeLambart

4 years ago#1
Netflix took the last 14 bucks out of my account. Double dipping,

what are the odds they extend the offer a few days... I mean it seems to be getting record sales and all. Was really looking to get Dead Space 3, BF 3 and the Sims...

It's times like these I dislike automatic renewal's...

Also another quick question, do they roll out bundles every week or is it random when new bundles come out?
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User Info: Robtcee13

4 years ago#2
I haven't seen a bundle's time get extended at the last minute ever. You're probably out of luck unless you convince somebody to buy it for you and just reimburse them later.
But, there are side humble bundles every week. Each bundle is still pay what you will, but they're smaller and can be just about anything. Check the humblebundle website for more information.
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User Info: Ch3wy

4 years ago#3
It's rumored that the bundle is going to be extended and a few new games are going to be added.

The source of the rumor is me saying it right now, so take that as you will.
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User Info: Tyranius2

4 years ago#4
Uh, just find another way to spend the 5 bucks?

Even the bum down the street has that in his pocket
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User Info: Kokuei05

4 years ago#5
Sell your soul and do those online survey **** for a dollar an hour.

User Info: RogueStriker

4 years ago#6
I think you should worry more about your finances.
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User Info: Vice4Life

4 years ago#7
Find a way to get a dollar. Buy it for a dollar. When you have money, raise your purchase price. You will still be able to get the extra games if you do it this way.
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4 years ago#8
It costs a dollar and has been around for quite a while already. If you couldn't afford it you have nothing to blame or complain about other than your own poor handling of money.

EDIT: It has seriously blown my mind how many people have had issues with being able to afford this bundle. If your bank account doesn't have one flippin dollar in it you have way bigger issues with your life than not being able to afford some games... in fact that should probably be the least of your worries if that's the situation you find yourself in.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

4 years ago#9
ITT: Secret beg topic backfires
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User Info: DerPancake

4 years ago#10
TimePharaoh posted...
ITT: Secret beg topic backfires

Yeah, thats what I was thinking.
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