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Anyone else anxious to see? (Star Citizen)

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User Info: Mogu_Mogu

4 years ago#1
Hangar module supposedly coming out soon. Come on, PC elitists, why is there no love here? o_o
In the chronicles of my life
there is a legend in which I change 'history' into 'herstory'.

User Info: MaKhaos

4 years ago#2
X Rebirth too pretty.
"TSA lady opened my bag and asked me about my Magic: The Gathering booster packs.
I explained that they're not weapons since I have no land." -Day[9]

User Info: TimePharaoh

4 years ago#3
MaKhaos posted...
X Rebirth too pretty.
"HE are genius, firstly." - ASlaveObeys
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