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Ctrl-Fn or Fn-Ctrl which do you prefere?

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User Info: alweky

4 years ago#1
Ctrl-Fn or Fn-Ctrl which do you prefere? - Results (20 votes)
85% (17 votes)
15% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I recently used a laptop that had the Fn key being on the left and the ctrl key right beside it.

I have always wondered why some laptop keyboards are like this...
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User Info: AnatomyHorror

4 years ago#2
Don't have a fn key.

User Info: SpazH3d

4 years ago#3
Laptops? Pfffffffffftt hahahahaha!

But yeah I press fn first.
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User Info: RPGMatt

4 years ago#4
Absolutely cannot stand ctrl not being in the bottom-left corner. It drove me nuts on my first laptop.

User Info: cody4783

4 years ago#5
AnatomyHorror posted...
Don't have a fn key.

I read this as "Don't have an f'n key".

Although I do I have an FN's only for media keys. >_>

But I guess the times I've used a laptop, I roll from Ctrl to FN, right-to-left.

User Info: codyorr

4 years ago#6
Function Key? I think I read about those ten years ago on an Apple.
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